Here’s what PlayStation unveiled at E3 2017

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Here’s what PlayStation unveiled at E3 2017

Sony could not stay behind Microsoft that presented its Xbox One X as part of the main events of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3 that, although it formally began this Tuesday, since the weekend there have been some presentations. Now, the owner of PlayStation held her event – prior to the Nintendo Spotlight – in which she presented some of the news that will arrive for her video game console this year. The Japanese company did not save Bolivia Mobile Number List much and went on to boast that it is the market leader, noting that it has sold more than 60.4 million units of the PlayStation 4 , worldwide. Which would mean that it has a fairly high range of effectiveness, since at the end of last year it had reported that it filled orders for 60 million consoles. To understand this, we can use Apple, which reduced its profits with the iPhone because although it supplied a certain number of shipments, fewer were sold, leaving many in stock. Bolivia Mobile Number List

Well, his attendance at E3 2017 was not to show off his numbers, but the games that will arrive for PlayStation. It featured some long-awaited comebacks for the console with big franchises like Shadow of the Colossus , an expansion for Horizon: Zero Dawn, and more of the new God of War. But it couldn’t leave one of its flagship franchises like Call of Duty: WWII , unveiling its trailer and announcing that it will be released in November. Or the case Brother Cell Phone List of Final Fantasy XV: Monster of the Deep that among its innovations is that in this installment it will have some virtual reality. A title that has won fans over the years is God of War , so Sony presented a preview of the new installment, but fans will have to wait until early 2018 to be able to play with it.

Something that captured the attention and motivated a lot of positive comments was the new Spider-Man game , developed by Insomniac Games and for which they released a trailer showing some of the gameplay. The downside is that we will also have to wait until 2018. However, to please the fans in these months and, added to the titles we just mentioned (they are just a few, he made more than a dozen performances), he could not leave out the nostalgia and engagement revealing the return of Crash Bandicoot , which will be this June 30 and for this they presented a trailer for the new game.

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