How a RD blog post is structured (and how to apply it to your business blog)

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How a RD blog post is structured (and how to apply it to your business blog)

Over the years and with the massive increase in the production of content on the web, the scene was changing little by little. Professionals began to personalize digital content more, inserting internal links in the body of the article, creating more attractive titles, optimizing posts for search engines and other important techniques.However, a detail that many professionals continue to miss is the structure of the post, especially when we talk about australia mobile number blogs.Whoever produces content for the Internet must be aware that the behavior of the reader is not the same as when he is reading a newspaper or a book. On the Internet, people are much more subject to interruptions and, therefore, read much more dynamic than in other media. Likewise, it is quite likely that many people are not reading this fragment and jump directly to the development of the article (if you have read, comment on the publication, in that case I will love to be wrong).Therefore, a detail that helps a lot in the production of content for blogs is having a predetermined publishing structure. This helps not only the author to organize the content better, but also in terms of productivity, since it is much easier to develop the ideas when they are clearly placed.
n this post, I will be based on an example “from home”, I will talk about all the items that make up the structure of a RD post and I will give some advice on each one.
If you want an even more practical example, download the free Template How to structure a blog post and use the model to gain productivity when writing your next post.The post title is what determines whether or not people will click the link to your content. One of the things we recommend is that you only think about your title after writing the text, so as not to cause a break in expectation. Once the article is ready, it is easier to create a headline that is well related to the content and is also attractive. The same goes for the abstract (that phrase used just below the title to better explain the idea of ​​the publication)An important suggestion is that you can use different titles and summaries for the different channels that you use in the dissemination of your post. If you use WordPress, you can use the Yast plugin for that purpose. This allows you to use a title and a summary for SEO (Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Optimization), another for the blog and another also for social networks.Why is that important? Because that way it is possible to optimize the titles for the keyword with a focus on Google search (which generally need to be shorter), as well as longer titles and a little more striking for social networks.Never underestimate the first words of a text, as having made the user click to access your content does not mean that they will read the article. Therefore, the introduction of your post needs to make the reader identify with the topic you are raising.


If you do not present the content in an attractive way – even if it has a lot of quality – all the work of gathering information and developing the content can  gulf email list be wasted, considering that you will not get the reader to stay on the pagStill, we know that many times, starting a text can be one of the most difficult parts of the production process. Therefore, you can start it using:
Statistics9 out of 10 people check their emails every day. This data shows that .A question:
Do you usually check your emails daily? You should know that this is a habit …Analogy:
Checking emails daily is as common a habit as brushing your teeth for most people …

“The email base is one of the most valuable marketing assets a company can have.” As Ricardo Palma affirms ..Tell a story:
The year was 1994. The internet was still crawling when I opened my first email. I, who often used to send letters to friends and relatives living in other regions, when I first received a message, I was deeply moved. Added to that, the fact that it was an email from a friend who was on an exchange in Australia. Nowadays, receiving emails is so common that …
A controversial or controversial phrase:
The email has not died. Unlike what most people think …
Development in subtopics
When we talk about reading on the Internet, many people still associate that reading with that of a book. But it doesn’t work like that. Contrary to what happens in books, if you write a long block of text without highlighting on the Internet, people will probably ignore your message.This is because, in the online world, people tend to multitask. At the same time they visit your site, chat with friends on a social network, answer their emails, search for some information in search engines, etc.
Thus, it is necessary to create mechanisms so that your readers can obtain the information easily, to maintain interest in your content. Otherwise, they may abandon your page. Now, what can you do to make your content more scannable
Divide the text into short paragraphs;
Use subtitles;
Use bullet points (like these);
Use bold, italics, quotes, and other styles (but be careful so that the text is not exaggerated in visual information);
Incorporate other media (images, videos, audios, tweets, posts on Facebook and Instagram).

After producing the content, it needs to be finished. And do not think that, because you have tried so far, you will be able to write anything at the end of your text, leaving that feeling that something has been missing, like that movie or book that does not tell the end of the story very well.Therefore, conclude your content well. Here at RD Station, it is very common that we use a “conclusion” chapter to close the text, tie the ideas well and suggest actions from the learning of the content. The idea is to recap what has been said and reinforce the main objective of the article.Call to Action (CTA)
After the end of the text, it is often recommended to use a CTA just below the post. This is because, at the end of the reading, it is indicated to take the reader to take some action within your site to lead him in the purchase process.
In the RD blog, we usually create CTAs for the reader to download some complementary material to the reading. But don’t forget that you shouldn’t force the reader to do it, just drive it. If you still do not have a complementary material on the subject, make a CTA as a comment on the blog, as a request for it to be shared on the networks or to subscribe to the newsletter .At the end of the post, the CTA can be basically in two ways: a piece of text calling the reader to take an action – such as “if you want to know more about this topic, download our eBook about X now” – or a button with the same function. You can also use both at the same time.Extra: but before writing …
… Make an outline!Previously, we have talked about the elements that make up a good blog structure, which not only delivers the necessary value, but also makes reading more dynamic, facilitating understanding.
But before that, a tip to be more productive in content production is to create an outline. That is, before starting to write the post, make a sketch with the topics that the article will contain.
Don’t think about the title and abstract from the beginning. Also, don’t start developing the article without first outlining the subtopics. As in any Digital Marketing strategy , the first step to writing a quality post is planning it.

At first, it may seem like double work, but due to the experience we have in DR, this technique has increased the productivity of the authors, generating greater clarity of ideas in the content and the better organization of the post.How to make an outline in 6 steps
Open a blank document;
Write what the objective of the article is, what problem the buyer person is going to solve. That is the first step to a good introduction;
List some subtopics that you will talk about in the article.
Within those subtopics, put some ideas based on your research or professional experience. Do not worry about the form, the important thing here is to get the ideas from within so that later you do not forget anything important.Review the outline and see what makes sense and what is out of context in the idea of ​​the post.Write! Having something ready-made to guide you will help you combat the dreaded “blank out,” not repeating ideas in other subtopics, and forgetting about anything important.
Do you want a practical example (template) of how to structure a blog post?
Have you understood the importance of planning your post before starting to write and how writing for a blog has some peculiarities that must be taken into account?
Well, we have talked a lot in theory, now to help you put into practice all the techniques that we share in this post, we have put at your disposal, for free, the Template How to structure a blog post .
In the model, there is a commented example (with the outline that we created to develop this same post). You can edit it to create your own outlines.

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