How a webinar can help my business

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How a webinar can help my business

he marketing professionals live in a continuous search for tools that allow us to achieve the objectives of our clients. Social networks, online and offline advertising, blogs and a long etcetera help us in our day to day so that our clients find what they are looking for:
Innovating is not easy and even less in a world that changes in a dizzying way in which you adapt or lose. The important thing is to update and test all the tools to know which one best achieves the desired results according to our purpose.
A webinar is a tool with a lot of potential and although for communication, advertising and marketing professionals it is not new, for small Ivory Coast Phone Number List es it is still a great unknown despite the boom in recent times.
That is why I have decided to dedicate this post to knowing what a webinar is, how to include it in our marketing strategy, its advantages and possibilities and everything you need to know to do it.In short, understanding how a webinar can help my business.Table of contents [ Show ]Definition and uses of a Webinar

A webinar ( in Spanish-speaking countries it is known as a webinar ) is a conference, workshop, talk, course or seminar that is taught over the Internet. One of its main characteristics is that as it occurs in real time (although online) the interaction between the speaker and attendees is immediate.Its uses are very diverse, ranging from product presentations, to training, as a customer service channel or conferences of all kinds. For example: presenting a book, taking a course on Excel, giving a conference on nutrition in sports (and you talk about your sportswear brand …), giving a craft workshop with balloons, etc.Advantages of a Webinar
This format is quite versatile not only because of the possibilities of use it offers, but also because of the large number of advantages it has.
One of the most important is the breadth of the audience . Thanks to the webinar you can reach users anywhere in the world with what your audience is much more global and your focus to achieve your goals is much greater. Online conferences save costs and time and are much easier to organize than face-to-face ones. The time, money and resources that are needed are much less than in the organization of an event.Another of their advantages is that they are an excellent method to attract potential customers and retain those we already have. Remember that attendees of an online conference must register with their data, which helps us to better define our customer database.
However, perhaps the most important thing about this tool is the interaction . It is a communicative model in which a direct relationship with the user is established, since they can ask their questions or their opinion, with which feedback is immediate. And you can reuse the content for your blog, social networks, discussions, presentations, etc.


Tools for a webinar
Before deciding on one, try several and choose the one that best suits your needs, there are free and paid ones, with and without trial periods.
Take a look at the features that each one offers gulf email list  depending on the objective to be achieved and the way of use (having user management, specific communities for your talks, personalized landing pages, etc.)
Now yes, I show you several alternatives:ClassOnLive : Very complete, without software or plugins to download. It is very easy to use and you have the possibility to do it for free or paid (they include more functionalities). In less than 10 minutes you have created your webinar with its description and that of the expert, registration form, personalized your virtual environment and much more. In addition, it has a marketplace that you can use as an additional promotional channel.
Google Hangouts : It is free and with unlimited users, but its main function is not to hold webinars, so you may find it difficult for some functions. For example, there are webinars where you attend without registering, so you as the organizer do not get the emails of the participants.
GoToMeeting : Okay, but you must download software to broadcast your conference online. Its biggest disadvantage is that you do not have the option to use it for free (only a 30-day trial) and you have to pay. Only if you do several monthly seminars, it can be profitable.
Anymeeting : Like gotomeeting, you can’t use it for free, only for a fee. It is in English so if you do not master the language you will not be able to contact their customer service. In my opinion, it falls “somewhat short” in terms of functionality.
Tips for a good webinar
It is clear that only by testing you will see what works best according to your objectives and your audience, however, we are going to give you a series of tips so that your first experience in an online seminar is a success.

Before the Webinar
Choose your audience and adapt the content to their preferences.
Take into account what the characteristics of the event and the conditions will be. Hours, dates, if you need any audiovisual support, if they will be able to access the video later, if it is going to be taught in several sessions, etc.
Create a clear and informative landing page (the page of your webinar) (description of the event, agenda, to whom it is addressed, language in which it is taught, curriculum of the speaker, etc). There are platforms that create this page for you and you can edit what you consider convenient.
Create a script and prepare any additional information you need. Even live, you can “get lost” in your own knowledge and wander unnecessarily. Stick to the thought points of your script.
Take into account the space from where you are going to broadcast. If it is your own home, avoid distractions

Spread your event on your blog and social networks.
During the Webinar
Enter the room first and allow about 15 minutes for attendees to connect and become familiar with the environment.
Choose a person who is aware of the opinions, complaints or questions of the participants to avoid having to look at the screen.
Choose a hashtag for Twitter and ask the students to use it. It will help you to publicize and attract future attendees.
Try not to be too long to avoid boring. Between 1 and 2 hours (including Question Time) is sufficient.
Allow time for questions and opinions. It is not about you talking, but about interaction between the participants.After the WebinarAdd an extra. An ebook, an infographic on the subject, a presentation or any element that positively surprises your audience.
Learn from your mistakes. Only by testing you will see if your content has worked, if the time was correct, if the duration was excessive, if you need more information, etc.
You already have everything you need to know to teach your first webinar and discover everything it can do for you as a professional or for your company. Remember that if you do not get on the bandwagon of news, you are losing customers and sales.

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