How and why to structure an Inbound Marketing schedule

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How and why to structure an Inbound Marketing schedule

One of the great difficulties of many people is managing to organize their thoughts and ideas and place them on paper (or in Word, in Excel or in any notepad) in a way that generates meaning and interest, both for you, and for anyone. person seeing that for the first time.And in Inbound Marketing this is no different: you know the structure, the services it can offer, but when you organize all the strategies in a logical, organized and chronological way, everything becomes a monster with seven heads. Since we talk so much about the importance of sales, we are going to unify the languages ​​and use the same methodology for structuring the schedule: we facilitate the life of the agency and our clients, who will achieve a clear and objective vision of what is will develop, in addition to understanding the results generated in each of the stages.What are the advantages?Fluid planningFirst of all, the realization of a detailed schedule is essential so that the planning of your agency flows between all the departments and collaborators. Once all the actions have been detailed, who are responsible and what is the deadline to deliver the work, in addition to having a macro view of the online belgium phone number you also avoid conflicts and misunderstandings between officials, which brings benefits in the work environment and in the effectiveness of the agency.

If you do not have several collaborators and departments within the agency, no problem: the schedule will help you to be more efficient, more productive and not have that strange feeling of “am I forgetting something?Generate value for deliveries
I guarantee that a large part of your clients have no notion of half of the activities that are necessary to implement an Inbound Marketing strategy and that is why it is not their fault to believe that you are charging a lot in your proposal (even if we know that still people a discount at the end).
You need to generate value for all the deliveries that the agency is going to make and explain why these are essential to meet the goals.
If you do not make it clear that in the first month you will be creating People, Buying Process and defining keywords, and that without that it will be impossible to have an efficient strategy, it will not be surprising when your client thinks that you are entangling him so as not to deliver considerable results in the first month of the contract.


By presenting a schedule with the activities to be developed during the 12 months in which you will  gulf email list work together, you will make the client value your work and not be afraid of committing in the long term.Align expectationsAs in love relationships, the phrase “expectations only generates disappointment” applies (and a lot) also in business negotiations – it doesn’t have to be the case with your agency!
Perhaps it is easier than in love cases, in our world, if you carry out a well-structured briefing meeting and present a detailed schedule, you will be able to put your business proposal on the table, opening space for the client to dialogue and question if necessary. .
And with all the “points on the is” and with the expectations aligned, you will have the space to carry out the planning with peace of mind and, who knows, surprise your client.
Control anxieThere are people who claim that anxiety is the evil of the century, and we have to be prepared to deal with anxious clients so that they do not obstruct the work in the agency.
With a detailed schedule (lists of activities, months and weeks of deliveries) the client will not have arguments to demand more results, reports and follow-ups ahead of time: he will also have a macro vision of the strategy and will know the previously established deadlines.


Where to begin?
Since the basis of Inbound Marketing is the sales funnel, nothing is more important than structuring a schedule distributing activities according to each stage of the process: attract, convert, relate, sell, analyze and retain – but first a step back for the planning stages and a RD Station set up .
The e-book 21 Digital Marketing Services that your agency can offer explains the activities that we can offer to our clients according to each state of the sales funnel, and these are the ones that we will detail in our program.We know that all clients are not the same: each one has their own objective and the activities can (and should) be adapted to meet the needs of each one of them, so it is important to emphasize again the importance of a briefing meeting .
By understanding the customer’s problems, it will be possible to identify which stage of the funnel needs to be given more attention when starting the strategy, directly influencing the entire structure of the schedule.
For example, there are clients who have a significant volume of visits to their websites, but who are unable to make any sales. In this case, the client’s objective will probably be to improve their sales strategy and there will be no need to make as many efforts to attract new visitors, but rather in the other conversions.
Now, having a schedule model of a complete Inbound Marketing strategy, it becomes easier to make the appropriate adaptations, getting a macro view of all the activities that are possible and which of these must be prioritized.


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