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In organic positioning, there is always talk, in terms of optimization, about the actions that we can  mobile phone number directory india perform on the web ( SEO OnPage ) and about actions outside the page ( Seo OffPage ), but little is said about how user behavior influences the website itself, that is, the user’s experience when browsing the different sections of our website.What three elements of user behavior does Google take into account?The index
We can analyze these three metrics through tracking tools, such as Google Analytics. Each website is different, and there are no standard figures from which Google is based,

but what must be clear that the question is to gradually improve these figures.web analytics resultsAs we can see in the previous image ( Mediaclick web February 2013 vs. January 2013 ), all the points related to user behavior have improved (more visits, more average visit time, less bounce rate, etc). This data is received by Google (the almighty that knows everything) and indicates that our website is increasingly liked by users, and therefore, it deserves to appear in better positions in search engines .
How can we improve the user experience on our website?
Enter new content on your website regularly , we can do this through a blog (see ” Guide to position a blog in the first Google results “), so the user will periodically return to your website.
Use an accessible language for the user, accompanied by videos and images that make the explanations very clear , in this way the user will spend a good time browsing your website to see all the services you can offer and you will avoid leaving as soon as they enter (See infographic ” 12 essential elements that a home page should have “).

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Integrate social networks on your page , invite the user to follow in one of your channels, it is a good way to notify them that you have new content and come back again, in addition to creating inbound links (see “ How does Google Plus influence the organic from our website? ”).
Adapt your website to mobile devices , each time they gain more ground, and if the user finds an unsupported website, the visit time, the bounce percentage drops and they rise sharply respectively.
The main search engine in Spain, Google, has changed the positioning rules . Since the arrival of the new Google Penguin algorithm in April, many companies have seen their website drop positions in search results , going from appearing in the first positions to appearing on page 3, 4 or 5.
This is because Google penalizes old SEO practices that are no longer valid, and it must also be added that Google has changed the way of displaying results : giving more relevance to blogs, authors, news … giving great importance to experience user, etc.
This invites us to reflect, we no longer have to look for a global positioning, but rather a positioning by target audience . Each user will see a different result depending on their online activity, so we have to make content that this user may like (and Google can detect it).

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