How is the profile of the new adolescent consumer?

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How is the profile of the new adolescent consumer?

What is the profile of the youngest consumer? What do they bHow do they buy? How much do they spend? These are some of the questions to which we can find an answer in the new X-ray of the Adolescent Consumer developed by the PreBANK for young people, Keepunto .This X-ray is based on various studies collected in the prologue of the study “Adolescents 2013: towards a correct training and autonomy in consumption”, prepared in the Keepunto chair with the Complutense University of Madrid, and which is articulated on the premise of the “Culture of effort” to instill in adolescents.Teens spend 4 times their monthly pay on clothing, food and technologyThe average monthly payment is € 40, but they spend around € 150 per month.They consume their monthly budget on clothes (€ 26 / month), food lithuania mobile number example  (€ 24 / month) and technology (€ 20 / month).6 out of 10 adolescents actively participate in the purchase of food and household products, despite being at a stage in which they are defining their behavior as consumers,Adolescents influence the decision-making of family purchases without generating income, especially in those of food, clothing and personal hygiene.


However, 70% therefore depend on their family to spend most of their time studying. In fact, only 19% combine studies and work.
They are brand names to integrate and unfaithful by natureThey are mainly inclined towards branded products. The brand consumed by the adolescent favors the admission or not to a specific group: the adolescent enhances their  gulf email list  feeling of belonging.
Although they are, by nature, unfaithful. An infidelity that disappears with age and that, according to various studies on the so-called generation Z, disappears when the adolescent finds the brand that satisfies him.Girls consume to differentiate themselves from the rest and boys, to look alikeThe girls buy products that allow them to differentiate themselves and provide them with permanence, especially related to the house: for their room, details that make a difference … and they focus their consumption more on training, and aspects related to study and knowledge.Boys shop to be more like other boys. They prefer goods that give them mobility, such as motorcycles or bicycles; and they focus their consumption more on production, that is, what is needed for work.
For them, consuming is important and necessary, but it is not within their reach to the extent that they would likeThis aspect causes feelings of frustration, since it is one of the things they like to do the most and they do not put it into practice due to lack of money.They want to be older than they are and it is reflected in their consumptionAdolescents aspire to resemble the age groups that are just above them, so this is reflected in their consumption (clothing, accessories …). As can be seen in the table below, the difference between the real age and the age at which they aspire decreases as time passes, remaining stuck at 20 years.


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