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You don’t have to think about it too much. The current reality is that everything to do with voice search is a fact. In fact this is not something that we affirm lightly. buy phone in germany More than anything because it is known that every day hundreds of millions of people carry out this type of search. SEO SEARCH BY VOICE
Some searches that have many advantages, by the way, and that for that reason they have spread and are, not the future, but the present.
They are very comfortable searches since they can be carried out in a few seconds.
They are searches that can be very precise. And it is that they are the voice, we can define very well what we really want to find.
They are searches that are intended to be carried out by anyone. By this, what we mean is that anyone, even the oldest, can talk to the mobile device and search for what they need.
However, once we know all these advantages, the next question is unavoidable. How does this new landscape affect everything that has to do with SEO?
To tell the truth, there is no doubt that this whole paradigm shift will affect the way positioning strategies are approached. Hence the importance of knowing them and knowing how to act in each case.
This is something that still holds true in any SEO strategy worth its salt. Not in vain at all times you have to know the words to compete for. A study of keywords that will not only tell us which words the competition is working on but which ones we should work on based on well-defined guidelines.

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Search volume. One of the most important details since it is useless to be positioned by a keyword that no one will search.
In many cases it can be much more interesting to try to achieve a good position in several words with a good search volume than to invest a lot of effort in a word  gulf email list that is nothing short of impossible. LOCAL SEO IS GREATLY ENHANCED
We should not doubt this at any time. We must be aware that voice searches, as we have already advanced, are much more precise searches. Some searches in which on many occasions a word is included that refers to the geographical location in which the person is at the same time.For all these reasons, it is very important to build a local SEO strategy that is powerful. It should be borne in mind that many of these voice searches are carried out at the moment in which you are driving on the street on foot or by car. What better than to have a place, a restaurant, a pharmacy or a toy store well positioned in Google at the same time that someone passes right in front of it?
For this, it goes without saying that we will not only have to do a good link building campaign. We will also have to focus a lot on other resources such as Google My Business.
Now it’s more important than ever to know what the search trends are. In a world as changing as this, and in a society in which tastes and trends can change overnight, it is vital for our interests to always stay up-to-date.

By this, what we mean is that we must always have the most up-to-date voice search list possible. Only then will we know what the user wants to look for at this precise moment and we will understand how to adapt to it with the least effort.Now that you have understood the importance of voice searches in today’s digital marketing industry, it is time to know that you have to make a certain investment in this regard. An investment that not only has to be economic but also in human resources to be able to cover all this new scenario that will be much greater every day.

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