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Our experience as an online calling german mobile numbers  agency , makes us be in constant contact with companies. We know more or less the concerns they have when it comes to making proposals at the online marketing level. On many occasions, when they are asked the option of developing actions on Social Networks , they are presented with two major concerns: Won’t they criticize me a lot?
Will it help me to sell more?Well, as for the first concern, a lot has already been said about it. The approach is that whoever wants to criticize you will do it anyway, whether or not you have your social media channels enabled, so it is better if the user complains, do so in an environment that you can control. On the other hand, it is proven that if you respond efficiently to a criticism publicly, this can work in your favor with the user who has made the complaint and even with the rest, since they have been able to verify that you are a company that cares about the user and their opinions.As for the second big question that companies ask themselves when they consider the option of working intensively on Social Networks, if Social Networks serve to sell , the answer is yes, but not directlyHow to sell through social networks – Mediaclick

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The idea is that Social Networks are not a tool like Google Adwords, which is designed for hot selling (being present right at the moment when the user is looking  gulf email list for your product), but rather a tool to facilitate the relationship of the company with users and their visibility. In the offine world we have it clear, the fact that people speak well of your company, recommend it to their friends and acquaintances, is a factor that favors the sale, right?,. … well this would be the same, the only thing that the Internet space from where these recommendations and evaluations are developed are Facebook, Twitter, Google +, …, Have your own social environments from where you can strengthen contact with the user, send and disseminate content and generate spaces for the evaluations to be seen , comments and recommendations from users is essential and very productive. An example of the good use of social networks can be France Voyage, aFrance travel guide Here are some data that support what I have told you: 81% of customers indicate that they take into account the opinions that their friends publish on Social Networks.
– 74% have bought a product that they had read about on social profiles.
– 71% decided to buy thanks to this type of online recommendations .
– 53% of Twitter users recommend products and services in their messages.
Many times, the only thing to do when we have doubts about whether to propose one action or another on the internet is to try to build an analogy with the online world. In this case, if people’s recommendations and comments favor the sale of my products or services in the offline world, why shouldn’t they do it in the online world? If Social Networks are where these types of user actions are facilitated, then the answer to the question about whether Social Networks are useful to sell or not is clear.

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