How tindering affected Instagram

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How tindering affected Instagram

Before starting to tell you how the tinderization of Instagram affected, we will tell you a little more about RRSS in general. Social networks occupy a good part of Internet browsing: they are the new millennium way to connect with the world. This, added to the trend of using smartphones to connect, has also led to the design of different applications for any number of needs.Among social platforms, Tinder is the most popular application Chile Phone Number List  in the world that promotes the meeting between people. This well-known app  installed the “swip”, or horizontal sweep with a finger from one side to the other to indicate that the other person likes it or not.
This type of interface arrived last December on Instagram: the well-known social network replaced the mechanism of the traditional “scroll” of images (from top to bottom) by the “swip”, sliding the finger from one side to the other to indicate if a Image like it or not.

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Scandalized users
The change in the platform immediately provoked angry responses from users: a large majority believed that this type of navigation, instead of making things easier, on the contrary, makes navigation difficult.

However, just a few hours after this change, the network reported that the change had been the result of a Gulf Email List  test that had mistakenly been extended to more users than expected. So maybe to calm the irate users, the network returned to normal.The tinderization that is coming
But the truth is that this “tinderization” has all the appearance of being a trend that is here to stay. Not just on Instagram, but in a whole host of apps. So much so, that it has been installed, for example, to find an apartment, to buy various items and anything else that can be sold over the internet.

In other words, “tinderization” reached e-commerce. There are already many online stores that offer through their applications the possibility to their users to pass the images and decide through a click whether they want it or not.Although it is not yet a complete certainty, all  Database indications point to the fact that through “swipe” it is intended that the movements made by users when browsing through smartphones are more uniform. This is looking for the consequence, which has yet to be proven, that users share more of the content.

The prospects for Instagram tinderization
This type of navigation has interesting perspectives: the first is that it allows users to navigate in the store and get to know at least part of the products, which is not always possible to achieve because a high percentage of people already arrive at the store with a definite need.

Another interesting vein that “swipe” allows is that online stores will be able to obtain a good amount of data that shows what users are interested in and like: this is very important when designing strategies and in short, it is very It is important to know in detail what it is that users do during their browsing time.

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