How to adapt your offline team for Digital Marketing

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How to adapt your offline team for Digital Marketing

For an agency that is in this phase, there is not always the possibility of hiring professionals with a digital profile . However, there are ways for professionals who are already in the agency to adapt and seek a specialization within the digital worldWe separate some specific areas of digital list of active cell phone numbers and give some suggestions of which professionals can adapt more easily in each medium:Content production and SEO
Knowing how to work with keywords and how to make online content gain space in Google requires study and dedication. There is no use making a killer title if the terms used are not the most sought after or are not within the most appropriate strategy for your client. To face these challenges, the professional from an off agency who would have the best profile for this adaptation is a copywriter .Day-to-day experience with texts helps with technical knowledge added to content. A producer of digital content needs to understand that their content has to be aligned to the context of their client’s client (needs, problems and moment in the purchase process), in addition to being tied to the terms that must be well located in search engines. In agencies just starting out online, it will likely be this or a media professional (or both) who will study the best keywords to usePaid In the purchase of traditional advertisements, there is a negotiation process, which in most of the times is done well in advance, since the disclosure art must be delivered. In the online world the process is more agile. There is a different dynamic in the way of acquiring paid ads, which can be done by mechanisms such as Google and social networks, such as FacebookKnowledge of how the ad creation process works in those channels is necessary , the best practices to provide the most relevant results to the end customer. In addition to planning, a close follow-up is required to evaluate the campaigns, what is being generated and take care not to exceed the client’s budget before the determined timIn that case, a media professional has the ideal profile. He is in charge of moving between on and off in order to adapt the services to the new media, as well as being always attentive to changes and rules of the large media. These are much more dynamic compared to TV, radio or newspapers, for example, but they bring the great advantage of measurement and ease in calculating ROI (Return on Investment) .

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Here it is important to understand Google Analytics, have a monitoring base in social networks and collaborate with the team to avoid overtime, unnecessary  gulf email list hours and show the client that their work has been generating the return they are looking for.Web designer Рsites, pages and digital creation
This is a discipline outside activities and know – how of art directors and graphic designers of traditional agencies. Working on websites, online advertisements and applications (among others) are points that require studies of buyer personas and notions of programming to project the best experience for the user.Here the offline designer can adapt to the challenges of the virtual environment and specialize, if it is his objective and the need of the agency. In many cases, customer demands are focused on websites or Landing Pages, where templates are adapted through tools, without demanding advanced performance and knowledge in programmingThe background of the designer or art director is adaptable to the online environment and the result can be excellent. However, it is necessary to focus on the result, carry out tests and monitor your deliveries.Work environment migration situations and new demands are challenging. Preparing your digital marketing team is the initial role of the manager and, then, of the operational part.Adaptation is possible, but keep in mind that it takes time to study and there is a learning curve, not to mention the time of experience that the agency itself will have, with eventual setbacks and, surely, many achievementsAnd you? Are you ready? If you have already gone through that process or are planning to do so, leave your comments!

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