How to Advertise on Google and YouTube: Complete Tutorial

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How to Advertise on Google and YouTube: Complete Tutorial

For more Google data, search, and tools, visit Think with Google .As you can see from the above data, millions of advertisers are using Google AdWords on a daily basis around the world. Advertising on Google has the potential to bring such good results that it is even difficult to stop advertising, due to the quality of the resultsAlso, campaigns with a longer track record tend to have more results. This means that campaigns with more time on the air tend to perform better than those that are starting from scratch.
On Google, unlike Facebook, your ad will take advantage of an existing demand. If someone searches for “racing tennis” and your company is a sporting goods ecommerce, wouldn’t it be good if it appeared for the user as a suggestion? This is the idea of ​​Google AdWords: deliver relevant content to people who are doing a specific searchIt is important to remember that Google AdWords is only one of the paid media strategies within Digital dubai phone number list and my recommendation is that you try other channels as well.rsion and with a better experience for those who are searching.
Returning to the example of racing tennis, when clicking on the ad the user should not be directed to the ome page (main page of the site), where shirts and caps will also be advertised, for example. The ad should go to the page that shows the available tennis options.
Advertise on Google Display (Content Network)
Advertising on the Google Display Network is generally a form of brand awareness.
Avoid selling immediately. Work so that your client is interested in your company through Content Marketing. This will deliver value and create a relationship to facilitate the sale.
Advertise on YouTube
YouTube is also part of the ads within the Google AdWords platforIt is possible to create a video campaign taking advantage of the registered list of your channel on YouTube or a list of people who attended, “liked” or commented on your video and, in this way, advertise directly to that list of people on the Internet Content (Google Display).In the same way, you can advertise specifically for those who access a page on your site and show a video piece on YouTube, as a mode of use and demonstration, something that explains how to use your product or even a simple commercial for your company.The ad format that appears before watching a video on YouTube is called “TrueView In-stream”. It is a format that presents something before the main video and that the user can skip after 5 seconds. This format may seem boring and invasive, but it is a cheaper way to display a produced video or a commercial for your company.


There are a few variations of that same formatAs mentioned above, there are 3 places on Google where you can position your ads: Search Network, Content Network, and YouTube. Next, I will explain how to advertise  gulf email list on Google in each of these placeStep by step to create a campaign on the Search Network
1. Create an account on Google AdWords
To advertise on Google, start by creating an account with your own Gmail email.Create and name the first campaignClick the blue “+ New Campaign” button and select “Search Network OnlyChoose the type of campaign you want to carry out.
Enter the name of your campaign
t is important to always make negative keywords that go to your site and have no conversions. So, create an ad group for each word context that you are going to lead to a specific course, for exampleWhen creating your ads, place the words that will be on the landing page.Keep in mind that the landing page of the ad contains the keywords that you are advertising so that Google delivers the best positioning and score.
In turn, observe the performance of the campaign in Google Analytics. There you will have all the information of the people who went to your site, for example, the time they stayed on the site and the interactions, if they reached a certain conversion goal, etc.
Clever! Now it is just waiting for Google Search to analyze the ads and, if everything is in accordance with the rules and publishing policies, the ad will be approved.Step by step to create a campaign on the Display NetworkIn the Display campaign, the creation process is similar.

Just like on the search network, you can segment the place, language and bid strategy (we usually leave the manual CPC to organize how much the cost per click will be in each campaign set).
Also, enter the budget of how much your spending will be per day and the display method, which can be standard or accelerated, if you want the ads to be published as quickly as possible (but remember that this also leads to a faster expense in the budget).Create an ad group
The next step is to create an ad group and fine-tune your targeting.
n this part, you need to give a name for the ad group, put the maximum bid that you want to pay per click and choose between 3 ways of ad targeting:5. Display Network keywords
In the next step, “Display Network Keywords,” you can choose to display ads on sites related to your keywords.Enter the keyword you want your ad to appear on and click the Add button. You can also pick up some references, like in the “Keyword Ideas” section, which will show you some keyword options to choose from.On the right side, it shows how many impressions your ad can have with the words of that segmentation.arget audiencAnother great advantage of advertising on Google is the high possibility of audience segmentation. In the target audience option, there are custom affinity and affinity options Affinity Target Audience: To reach customers on a large scale based on their long-term interests and with a focus on a specific topic, such as tech-savvy, news buffs, etc. This option will find people with those interestsCustom Affinity Target Audience: Here you describe your desired target audience on the sites. For example, you can select sites related to your industry and place as a custom affinity. Put some sites so that Google can identify similar people who access these sites. To create, click the “Create custom affinity” button.

After clicking on the “Create custom affinity” button, you have to define who that audience will be through the URLs of the chosen sites.As shown in the following example, URLs of sites that have the target audience of small and medium-sized businesses have been enteredI recommend using at least five interests or URLs to improve the reach and quality of your targeting.
After inserting the sites, you can see the data of that target audience, such as the characteristics of the inserted sites and the demographic information of age and gender.Save this audience and then select it in your targeting, so that the campaign runs based on what you’ve created.. Interests and remarketing to show the ads to people based on their interests.
Avoid mixing interests with remarketing so as not to overlap the audience and lose focusIdeally, set up separate campaigns: by interest, by remarketing list, by customer email list, by similar, etc. Also remember to always place them in separate sets to avoid overlapping and to know which set works bestRemarketing lists: these are the pixels and Google AdWords codes inserted on your website that you can use to bring your audience back to i List of video viewers: it is the audience of your YouTube channel linked to Google AdWords;Customer email list: to be transmitted only on the Gmail network. Remember to add a creative piece from Gmail.But you can also use other targeting methods to advertise on Google, such as topics, channels, and demographics.Topic targeting, for example, lets you position your ads on multiple pages on the Display Network that have content related to the added topics. This can help you reach a large target audience quickly or drive additional traffic to your site.
Example: You sell bicycles and you know that your customers also like to hike and camp. You can try to reach a broader target audience by selecting the “Hike and Camp” subtopic to display your ads on the web pages related to that subtopic.


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