How to align the expectation of results with your client

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How to align the expectation of results with your client

And it is that having clients for a short period of time is not a good exercise for your  we stop to think, it is cheaper to have a client than to win a new one, why not apply this to our businesses
The sea of ​​expectations between the client and the agency must be minimized before signing and closing the contract. And, as incredible as it may seem, a well-structured expectation can also go through Inbound cell phone numbers list lessons for your client.
In this post you will see how to align with the client so that perceptions about deadlines, deliveries, responsibilities are explicit in order to generate satisfaction and loyalty with the agency, for a long time.At the time of making a sale, many agencies show success stories and present large and voluminous numbers of leads, sales and opportunities, but they forget to comment that this will not necessarily develop in the same way and at the same time with another client. Different factors come into play, in addition to a good execution strategy. For example, the competition involved, money invested, time available, complexity of the company’s customer purchase process .t is at the beginning of the contact, therefore, that it is necessary to analyze what the client’s fit is , what are the real possibilities of growth of his project and what are the results that he can expect. All this must be agreed and discussed before closing the business so that clients do not have the feeling of having been “cheated” and the agency of being “hands tied.”
prior planning of the strategy should be designed and presented from the first conversations. If necessary, explain the Inbound Marketing journey, the sales funnel, the buying process, and the entire content strategy. That will avoid problems and misunderstandings in the future, especially if it is the first time you are interacting with this client in the world of Digital Marketing.
It is at this time that the myth of quick results that can be sustainable in Digital Marketing must be destroyed. Before six months, great results are unlikely.

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All planning and strategy must be directed towards an objective, that is, towards the greatest need of your client. And this needs to be specific. What does the  gulf email list customer want to get from your service? More qualified leads? Better communication with the public? Establish yourself as a reference in the market?
This will help in defining the goals, measures and responsibilities of the elements involved in the project. Yes, clients also have responsibilities in a strategy, at the time of approving content and advertising pieces, in the delivery of accesses and validations of people , for example.
So the role of the agency is to create a workable planning in relation to the time and budget available for investment, and then adjust it to the client’s expectations. (Remember the SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Bound ).
A good strategy is to create “little goals” that can be delivered more quickly. In this way, the client will perceive the value of their work from the beginning of the project and will remain hooked. Those small steps can be the creation of a blog, generate the first Leads, or a first Email Marketing campaign. In terms of delivering results, the generation of leads will necessarily be the first. Finally, the other products will depend on it.
The first month of work should be fully dedicated to the initial planning and implementation of the Inbound strategies. For example, integrating the accounts into an automation platform, creating a blog and first posts, structured design of the purchase process, AdWords and Facebook Ads campaign configurations, development of the first content that should focus on attracting attention, optimization of the website, among others.

Deliveries based on measurements and numbers should not be determined or planned before the first three months of work. That is the minimum period for the first results to be observed and the analysis of the automation of campaigns and content can begin to be carried out.Review of results and creation of new goals Results should not be delivered just to achieve the macro objective. If that happens, your client will probably think that you are only limiting yourself to consuming resources until that moment and that you do not deliver anything particular when it comes to progress. Do you want a better reason to be changed by another agency in the case of lowering the percentages of the budget?
The client has to perceive the importance of all the results delivered by the agency and for that he needs to accompany the process. The “little goals” that are built along the way are a good way to do this, but they should be associated with reviews of goals and measures with a constant frequency.
This review can be done monthly, quarterly or semi-annually, depending on the scope of the project. Those meetings are also good opportunities to adjust goals, making adaptations.
Closing an Inbound Marketing contract without correctly organizing the expectations of the results between the agency and the clients is detrimental to any strategy, because once unnecessary wear and tear and disagreements are generated, the visualization of the importance of deliveries will be obstructed.

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