How to align your agency’s delivery goals from the Sales Funnel

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How to align your agency’s delivery goals from the Sales Funnel

One of the habits inherited from the offline environment by digital agencies is the alignment of deliveries based on specific activities, and not based on the real results derived from these actions. It is still very common to see that agencies commit to only make 3 posts on Facebook per week and send 2 emails per month, for example, instead of defining with the client how many Leads and how many sales opportunities they will deliver in a certain period through those efforts.By aligning what results need to be achieved, we understand the customer’s expectations and are able to subsequently compare them with what was actually delivered. Additionally, linking uae cell phone campaigns to lead delivery is crucial to improving customer retention rates, as this helps companies view agencies as a lucrative investment, rather than as a hub for business. non-priority costs.The role of the agency in the stages of the Sales Funnel
Understanding and using the Sales Funnel is essential for the alignment of results-focused deliverables to occur. This funnel is the representation of the 4 stages of purchase in the digital medium (visitors, leads, opportunities and customers) and the proportion between them, based on the calculation of the conversion rate between these stages.It is important to note that marketing work is related only to the first three stages of the funnel – attracting visitors, converting them into leads, and transforming them into business opportunities – with customer closure being a responsibility of the sales team. Therefore, when the agency does not act directly in the commercial part of the company served, as in most cases, it must limit its goals to the number of opportunities generated. However, it is essential that the Sales Funnel also determines the performance of the customer’s commercial team, since the analyzes relating to it will always be made considering all its stages.To ensure that the leads delivered by the agency to the client’s commercial team are real possibilities of closure, it is very important that there are very clear criteria on which of them will be considered opportunities. In this sense, establishing lead classification parameters is a good first step, which can still evolve towards the construction of an SLA space (Service Level Agreement) between the agency and the sales team of the company. business.

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In the case of ecommerce clients, the agency may or may not commit to the sales goal,  gulf email list as many marketing efforts replace the commercial team in this context. Furthermore, it is not unusual for the agency itself to also be responsible for optimizing the site’s purchase pages (which directly interfere with the conversion rate of leads for sales)When the serviced account already has a history of conversions between the stages of the funnel, its goals can be calculated from the amount of sales expected for the period, dividing the customer’s income goal by the average ticket of its products. For example: if the company wants to raise $ 15,000 in the quarter, marketing a product that costs $ 300, its final goal will be to obtain 50 customers in three months (15,000 divided by 300).From the sales expectation and the expected conversion rate for the period (based on the historical rates of the company’s funnel), we can also draw the goal of opportunities that must be delivered by the agency. Thus, for the closing of 50 sales and considering a conversion rate of 20% at this stage, the agency’s goal would be to generate 250 opportunities in the period. This same reasoning must be applied to the definition of the goals of Leads and visitors.It is important to remember that the Sales Funnel conversion rate goals projected for this period do not need to be exactly the same as the company’s historical rates, as optimizing these numbers should also be an agency concern. If one of the jobs to be done in the quarter is, for example, improving nutrition through automation flows , there should be an increase in the conversion rate from leads to opportunities, compared to the value obtained in the months previous.
In any case, knowing the history of conversions between the stages of the Sales Funnel is essential to define the new stipulated goals and avoid that the lack of base during the definitions generates expectations different from those of the client. For this reason, the agency should not commit to deliver specific rates as long as it does not have in its hands a minimum amount of information about the behavior of the funnel of that company.

In these cases, it is very important that the agency check the behavior of the market and then project the goals of the Sales Funnel. This must be done by putting into practice the first Digital Marketing actions of said client, such as investing a small amount in AdWords to check the average CPC of future campaigns, linking them to real Landing Pages. In this example, it would be possible to estimate the number of visitors brought by each ad and the conversion rate of the landing page, which allows defining a goal of generating leads from a specific investment in paid media.Don’t stop measuring sales results
Although the agency’s goals are generally limited to the delivery of opportunities for the commercial team, it is the amount of income generated that will in fact show whether the investment in Digital Marketing brings the desired return for the client. Therefore, it is very important that the volume of customers and the total sales value of the period are fully determined within the Sales Funnel of the company.
To help in this process, the marketing management software used by the agency can be connected to the system used by the client’s commercial team, in order to automate the sending of opportunities and the return of closed sales and lost deals. In the case of RD Station, for example, it is possible to do this integration with the vast majority of existing CRMs.
With all the stages of the Sales Funnel documented, the agency will be able to calculate exactly what the ROI (Return On Investment) of its work is – that is, what is the true return delivered on a given investment. In addition, it will be possible to identify in which stages of the funnel are the greatest opportunities for improvement, which will guide Digital Marketing strategies to generate increasingly better results for the client, guaranteeing their satisfaction and retention.

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