How to boost your business through local searches using Facebook

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How to boost your business through local searches using Facebook

Having a good presence at the local level is an issue that all businesses should definitely not overlook. And to demonstrate this need, we tell you that, according to data from Hub Spot, 50 percent of consumers who perform local searches visit the business in a period of approximately one day.

It is for the above that, making sufficient efforts in local SEO will guarantee the best results. However, these should not only be done on your company’s website, since social networks like Facebook can also help you boost your business significantly, if a series of guidelines are  Dominican Republic Phone Number List carried out, which we are going to tell you about below.

Facebook: this is what you should do to have a better local presence

It does not matter if you created your Facebook page a long time ago or if you are just doing it. It is essential that you make these adjustments and in this way you can start to see results quickly:

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Adjust the URL of your Facebook page so that it appears a name more in line with your business. And it is that,  Gulf Email List it is much better to do this than to have, for example, a series of numbers in it. You should know that this customization can be done after having 25 likes on your fan page.

Of course, you must bear in mind Marketing that you can only make this change once, so it is recommended that you take some time to choose the right one. Making this change will help you generate more organic traffic.

Keywords are essential, add them in the category to which your business belongs. This is very effective, because when it comes to ads, for example, Facebook takes this information as a reference in dynamic ads and in this way will deliver it when users search with these keywords.
It is essential to keep your business information updated. This means that the address, telephone numbers and general description can never be missing.
Do not forget to fill in all the fields in the information section of your page
If only until now you will start to create your business’s Facebook page , it is pertinent that you consider which option to choose, you can opt for “local business” or “local services” as the page category.
Other important aspects to keep in mind when optimizing Facebook for local searches

In addition, you cannot forget the following aspects, which are essential to optimize your Facebook page and boost your business:

Select the best profile photo: if you want your page to look professional and to attract more followers and potential customers, select an attractive image, aligned with the brand, with excellent resolution and that has a clear intention. Keep this in mind for the profile photo, as well as for the cover.
Include a call-to-action button: on your business’s Facebook fan page , you can add this button. You can choose between: call, reserve, register, buy, among others.

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