How to build a successful business proposal for your client? [Step by step + template]

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How to build a successful business proposal for your client? [Step by step + template]

We know that one of the biggest difficulties for agencies is when building a business proposal for a client.
This job involves a series of steps necessary to ensure that you will be working with someone who has the potential to close a deal with you.One thing is certain: a buy mobile uae good commercial offer comes with practice .Therefore, here you can see a script that was inspired by hundreds of commercial proposals analyzed and reviewed in one year, the result of the learning I had with colleagues and allies of RD Station. I divided the script into three stages: the first is aimed at the pre-proposal activities ; the second is more hands-on and focuses on development ; and the third highlights some closing techniques .
The first step is to know if it is worth investing effort in the exploration and find out if the Lead is aligned with your ideal client profile. I consider this stage essential and it is remarkable how many times it is overlooked.
Accelerate the construction of commercial proposals as an investment to maximize results and invest your effort where you have the highest probability of return.
To help you with this task, we have a very complete post showing how to transform your Leads into Customers . One point of attention is that many clients do not open the game in the budget part, however you need to know if they are in a position to invest.
One way to solve this is to investigate the size of the company, or if they have a marketing department and have already made investments in Digital Marketing . Seeks to understand the history to analyze what is his maturity in the matter . Briefing meeting
Imagine yourself in a medical consultation. Do you trust that doctor who prescribes a medicine for you without at least having tried to understand your problem or delve into the symptoms? I think not.
And this is the exact sentiment of your client as well. Don’t try to sell a solution at the briefing . This is the time to start a relationship of trust. Worry about three basic things: creating rapport , listening, and asking the right questions.

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As a consultant, I had the opportunity to analyze what is a good proposal and a bad gulf email list proposal. Notice that I have used the word construction.As much as you are a digital agency and have your specialties, your clients’ problems are different and your proposal must be different for each one. An architect can use the same resources (wood, scaffolding, cement), but deliver very different projects. Think about it.
Take the information that the client has provided in the briefing and give yourself a moment to reflect and investigate. Most of the time, the customer does not know the answers to their questions and it is your duty to discover them. We must never ignore research.
It is from there that the main ideas for the construction of the solution will come. Study your competitors, your performance in the market, what your customers find about your products / services and, if you need it, be the “guinea pig” and test your products / services.
Gather all the information and talk with your team. Now we do have ‘materials’ to build something that really solves the problem. Presentation of the commercial proposal
It’s time to put your hands in the dough and build the long-awaited presentation. One point of note is that we tend to be very concerned with design – which is a valid point, but in this presentation, design is not the central messageYou have a lot of information to make the best presentation this client has ever seen. Then do it. Design is the icing on the cake to deliver the message with good looks.
Choose to present in person. When the client cannot set aside a time to receive you, this is a bad indicator that they are outside your ideal profile.

Taking advantage of this point, you only send the proposal by email after submitting it . Also, go to the meeting with confidence. You are on your way to presenting a solution to a problem.Below I indicate the points that a successful presentation should have:ProblemRemind the client why you are bringing this proposal to them. Put sentences that he said in the briefing meeting, look for something shocking. The intention is to show that you were interested and understood their problemMake the objective of your business proposal clear in one sentence. It seems obvious, but many people confuse objective with solution, being that the objective is the means, not the end.Example: “Five times the current number of opportunities for sales generated by marketing”, instead of “Inbound Marketing Proposal”.
You have shown that there is a problem / difficulty and that you have the goal of solving it. Now is the time to show what should be done to achieve that goal.Taking advantage of the example cited above, one of the tactics to quintuple the opportunities can be to increase traffic to the site by 10x. There is no need to detail the tactics now, we will do that laterCurrent scenarioThis part is one of the most important. You must make a comparison of the current scenario in relation to the ideal.Continuing on the same example, will you increase site traffic by 10 times with the activities that are currently being carried out? The answer should be negative, otherwise you would have already reached it.

An effective way to give a sense of urgency to what you are proposing is by analyzing and showing how your competitor is doing well. Use this to your advantage and show the blue ocean that you have to take advantage of.Well, we have already been able to demonstrate that we have a strategy for the success of the company and now we will show the way that we will use to get there.It is nothing more than taking the points cited in the ideal scenario and listing the activities necessary for each one. This is a good time to align expectations of when the activity will start and end.
be afraid to talk about how much your work is worth! And don’t leave this information for the last. A very valuable thing that I learned was: put the value that you think is fair for your work and let the client say if it is high or low.
Don’t judge your price, let your customers judge. From the feedback you will receive, you will find the ideal valuePrice is perspective. Always remember that it is necessary to be seen as an investment – and how every investment is expected to return . If you give the cost image, any price you put will be expensive. The great advantage of Inbound Marketing is its high capacity to measure ROI (return on investment).This is where you strengthen your commercial offer. Your client has a dream and if you have done the task correctly, you will know what it is.Do the expectations alignment by citing the ideal scenario again and show that you have a job to do and how eager you are to get started. End the presentation embracing this dream.

For example, if you are in second place in the market and you want to outperform the competitor, put a podium where your brand is in first place and add a phrase that makes sense in this context: are we going after that first place or notLeave expectations within reality, placing achievable results in the short, medium and long term. The correct alignment of expectations is what will guarantee the longevity of your contract
So that you can constantly improve your performance in the presentation, one extra tip: practice, practice, practice and… practice againI listen to many people with fear of this stage. They say they don’t want to sound “annoying.” But this happens if a good alignment of expectations has not been made for the approval of the commercial proposal. The first important point in this step is to leave the presentation meeting with dates.It is also important not to leave the meeting without clarifying all objections. Ask what he thinks and “believes” about the project. A very efficient technique is to isolate the objection by linking it to the closing. Question: if such objection is resolved, will the business be closed?
An extra tip to create more sense of urgency in the client and ensure that they have a quick response is to develop a benefits policy for your negotiation.In this sense, you can offer, for example, a discount (%) on the proposal for closing within the same week, or an Inbound Sales training for the client’s commercial team, or other benefits that can add even more value to it. alliance .I hope you take advantage of the suggestions on how to build a successful business proposition for your client. If you have doubts, just leave your question in the comments.
You can also download a successful business offering model for free below to help you get the practical part.

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