How to build good collection processes in your agency

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How to build good collection processes in your agency

In some cases, these payment defaults may represent another point of attention or risk for the belgium mobile phone number In Inbound Marketing agencies looking for recurring income and working with services paid monthly, defaulted payments can be an indication of customer dissatisfaction.
Collection rule
To have good results in the collection and collection of money from your clients, the first step is to build a solid structure, a step by step that makes it clear how often and through which channels you are going to communicate with your clients.These steps are known as stages of a collection rule and undergo modifications and variations depending on the product, the needs of your company and the payment conditions that are offered to your customers.
Regarding the collection rule, there are three essential processes:Have an automatic system:
Many times the absence of payment is not due to the real intention of the client. You may have forgotten to make the payment. Another possibility is that the person responsible for the payment is new to the company, or even that the accumulation of payments makes the account go unnoticed. Therefore, using an automatic system will greatly facilitate the work of your team, as it guarantees that the client will receive the collection reminder without having to be proactive in relation to it.Using a system that sends the payment 10 days before payment and reminds the client that the payment date is close, enhances the possibilities of an effective collection of the money and reduces the investment of your team’s time in the payment process.


This type of system, in addition to serving in the collection prior to expiration, is an essential part gulf email list when generating reminders and notices after expiration, always making it clear to the client the penalties to which he is exposed due to the absence of payment.Use different channels to communicate with the client
Email, in most cases, is the official channel for collections. In addition to easy automation , it is a low-cost service, which allows edits and can be sent only once for different contacts. It is also, without a doubt, the channel that allows us to pass on to our client enough information so that they can complete payments, such as the due date, the value of the payment and the link to make the payment
The email is included in all the moments of the rule: collection messages, reminders, delays and, even, suspension of the service. On the other hand, the telephone is a channel that brings results quickly, mainly in the rescheduling of payments. However, depending on your product ticket and the availability of your team, it is a tool that should only be used at certain times and with strategic clients.

If you do not have a collection department and your operation team is responsible for the collection metric, it is recommended that the calls be used as a reinforcement of the actions previously carried out and, it is recommended that they select the clients that the team considers to be appropriate. greater risk, that they do not respond to their contacts via emailFor this type of call it is important to build a script, in which possible negotiations are contemplated and, most importantly, it is necessary to close the conversation with the client’s commitment and the scheduled payment dateIn the case of RD, the client has within his account in RD Station, a tab where he can find all the details of his charges and the extracts of his payments. In addition, when accessing the software, in case of non-compliance, the customer will receive messages on his screen that will inform him about the pending payment, as well as the instructions to make the paymentThe frequency is something that varies according to the term that you stipulate for the payment of your service. In the case of the RD, our main product is the RD Station marketing software, purchased and paid for on a monthly basis by most of our customers. So, our collection rule is done in days and the objective is that it is concluded in a month, closing with the payment.In the DR, when the customer closes the purchase, he chooses his payment date, as well as the days in advance in which he wishes to receive the payment. From that moment on, our rule begins to work as follows:Agencies that offer various services or need a higher (monthly) payment recurrence must be creative and offer their clients different payment facilities and options. Guaranteeing the security of the negotiation and proposing different forms of payment to the client, helps to avoid non-compliance in your company.

Clients who choose to pay for the services twice a year or annually have been essential at the time of differentiating the contracted services. In RD we perceive that, in addition to facilitating the process of collecting and clearing payments, payment for extended periods works as an incentive for customers to use our services more and more. Providing special incentives for clients interested in paying for long periods is essential. An example of this can be cited discounts, which in most cases can vary between 5% and 10% of the total valueWho should collect?
Depending on the service, collection model and the number of clients of an agency, it is necessary to structure a collection area. In other cases, this is a metric that can be developed in parallel with the functions of other areas of the company.In most cases, areas are assigned that are in charge of operations and that already have direct contact with the customer. Regardless of who is ultimately responsible in the company for the collections, it is necessary to have a training that guarantees a good relationship with the client at the time of contact.Being a sensitive moment, it is necessary that there be clear communication, information about the products and / or services provided, history of the contacts related to the collection and their exact values. The person in charge also needs to have a margin of autonomy that allows him to negotiate the value and, with this, to be able to reschedule a new payment date in an agile wayRegardless of the recommendations made in this article, which aim to reduce non-compliance in payments, when building collection processes, the priority of your agency should be oriented towards service and a good relationship with your client. With some tools, clear processes and trained personnel, it is possible that your company guarantees, in addition to results, the total satisfaction of your clients.

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