How to capture audiences with audiovisual advertising: key tactics for Black Friday and Christmas

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How to capture audiences with audiovisual advertising: key tactics for Black Friday and Christmas

After an atypical back to school 2020 campaign , everything indicates that the planning of what is united kingdom phone number actions in the last quarter of the year will also develop in a very different way . It is worth asking: is the return to the routine a return home? In part, it seems that: in countries still affected by the pandemic such as the United States or the United Kingdom, physical stores are still far from recovering the volume of consumers who came to them in the precovid-19 stage, according to data from Springboard .
This changes the usual landscape of advertisers: without large days of massive offers in shopping centers, online channels are the most effective way to reach users who are increasingly accustomed to buying and consuming content online. And here the role played by the Audio, Video & Connected TV advertising ecosystem becomes relevant .The consumer, faced with a different return to routine
With the arrival of autumn, it is expected that online audiovisual consumption habits will strengthen . Currently, the outbreaks of COVID-19 are limiting the capacity in movie theaters and have canceled live mass events such as sports competitions or concerts. Even in the United States, large retailers such as Target or Walmart have announced that their physical stores will remain closed during Thanksgiving to avoid the crowds related to Black Friday .In the audiovisual field, traditional advertising media are suffering the audience transfer to digital options . For example, according to data from eMarketer , by the end of 2020, advertising investment in American podcasting will already represent 21% of the total destined for digital radio and, although there have been declines, podcasts have resisted the COVID effect much better than traditional broadcasters. In line with this trend, cable television is also seeing notable declines in subscriber numbers , while video impressions on CTV platforms rose 40% in the second quarter of 2020, according to astudy conducted by Extreme Reach .
Therefore, more and more brands include the digital ecosystem of Audio, Video & Connected TV in their online marketing strategy, since the possibilities it offers at the advertising level allow them to expand the reach of their campaigns at key moments such as Black Friday or Christmas .

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The arrival of autumn will increase the audiences of online audiovisual content How to attract audiences through audiovisual advertising What advantages does the Audio, Video & CTV ecosystem provide in  gulf email list advertising terms? Let’s see how brands can take advantage of its potential to reach key audiences, since it allows:. Generate interest around the brand and products
The main role that digital video and audio advertising has played has always been related to branding efforts . And it is that both the video environment with giants such as YouTube and audio are a perfect showcase to present brand campaigns and publicize new products .
On an organic level, streaming broadcasts have positioned themselves as a powerful instrument to connect with the audience safely and in real time . There are various tactics to amplify the reach of the audiovisual message. One of them is live-streaming e-commerce , which combines the offer of relevant content – often promoted by influencers – and pure conversion. Another are more ephemeral formats such as short videos (snackable content) , whose success depends on a rapid viralization through booming social platforms such as TikTok or the already established Instagram and Facebook.

From an advertising point of view, Google’s network with YouTube, Google Podcasts and Connected TV , as well as digital audio platforms such as Spotify or iVoox are an excellent tool to amplify the reach of the brand . For example, according to a survey conducted in February 2020 by Google and Talkshoppe in the United States, more than 70% of users discover new brands through YouTube
Advertising allows streaming events to go viral to reach an increased audience
2. Boost sales or conversions with audiovisual advertising
How do you turn your search for inspiration into real sales ? If we take the Google network as a reference, it is convenient to analyze the level of audience segmentation it offers, as it is essential to plan successful campaigns. For example, it is possible to build audiences related to the product and the brand based on their interests or online behavior (Affinity Audiences or Custom Audiences), it is also possible to choose when to impact the audience with respect to the conversion funnel (In-market Audiences ) or reach users who have already been in contact with the brand (Similar Audiences, Customer Match or Remarketing).

Added to these advanced targeting options are ad formats designed to maximize conversions . In this sense, the TrueView for Action campaigns on YouTube that seek to drive the user to action after viewing the video stand out. They can be configured with the aim of driving traffic to e-commerce or obtaining qualified leads .Advertising based on data, the great advantage of the digital ecosystem of Audio, Video & CTV
Compared to classic audiovisual options, the Audio, Video & CTV advertising ecosystem responds to the current need for brands to adjust their operations and promotional plans to a reality that is volatile and certainly unpredictable . To do this, it relies on automated bidding systems and allows detailed monitoring of campaign results . Additionally, digital audio platforms are making great strides in standardizing metrics to measure performance . Of course, we must not forget that Audio, Video & CTV campaigns are part of a global strategy to attract audiences and, therefore, decision-making must consider a scenario in which all digital marketing actions are included. on going. In this sense, we recommend the implementation of advanced attribution models with machine learning , since they provide advertisers with highly relevant insights for continuous optimization.

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