How to create a content marketing strategy step by step?

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How to create a content marketing strategy step by step?

Without a doubt, good writing and a well-structured article are the main ingredients that all content should include but, unfortunately, they are not the only determining factors. In fact, only with them (with their implementation) we will not make our content stand out neither for the audience nor for Google. It is for this reason that designing an adequate Content dubai mobile number example strategy becomes a necessity.In order to successfully complete this design, we must respect a series of key points and we must take into account all those other ingredients that are going to give the correct seasoning to the contents that we “cook”What is a content strategy?Before defining the concept of content marketing strategy, we must first know what “content marketing” is.And it is nothing more than a branch of marketing based on the creation and dissemination of different types of valuable information with the aim of attracting and creating relationships with the public related to the brand.It is clear that content marketing must seek to sell but also offer topics of interest to the audience and it is that, in many moments, a content that is not literal of a product can indirectly help to direct the user towards what we produce and sell

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A very simple and very visual example, although a bit exaggerated, would be the following:Suppose we are a fountain pen company that is trying to cover a new market gulf email list niche represented by people of a certain age and proven (high) purchasing power.
Well, an article on our blog talking about the advantages of writing daily in handwriting to maintain the cognitive level and as a mental reinforcement technique, can lead to those readers ending up buying our fountain pens.We have achieved the objective in an indirect way, since with this specific content we are offering value to a perfectly segmented audience and in line with the target audience that we have set as a goal.Content marketing helps us to create relationships with new potential clients but it can also help us to position our brand as a benchmark in the sector, in addition, it is an exceptional ally if we want to improve our credibility and can even help us to achieve a better positioning in the engines search.

Some types of content that we can use to achieve these goals are: blog posts, videos, images, infographics , ebooks, whitepapers, case studies, and guides.Our content marketing strategy must identify exactly what objectives we are pursuing and the best way to reach them. This opens the doors of the long term to achieve specific results and, above all, quantifiable through different monitoring techniques.
Now that we have clear the bases, let’s see what are the steps to follow to design our recently decided strategy.Step by step to design a content marketing strategy
Let’s see what is the path we must follow to create quality content that generates (qualified) leads and ensures us the previously set objectives.
Analyze the market niche
First of all it happens because we are clear about our content niche and a great “partner” to achieve this purpose is to analyze the content of our competitors.What do we achieve by studying our competition? Well, see in which channels they are strong and what type of content they offer. Supposedly, if it works for them, it should work for us too.
On the other hand, analyzing the content of our competition is the best possible way to see what content strategy they are implementing.Here we would highlight, for example, the frequency and type of content they publish and the social channels that work best for them.In the following image from the “organic research” tab we see an analysis of the competition of the Sephoracompany for its site in Spain.
At first glance, we see that its most direct competitors are Douglas.es and perfumesclub. At this point I want to clarify that recently the Douglas firm has acquired If perfumeries and Bodybell (hence the arrows pointing towards the now parent companyIf we go to Social Media Tracker and generate a project in which we analyze the three companies, we obtain the following:

It is not necessary to explain that this image is truly important because it offers us highly valuable informationWhat conclusions do we draw at first glance?Well, Sephora’s activity on social networks in Spain is fully consolidated, with Facebook and Instagram being the spearheads of its social activity, followed by Google + and Twitter.What about Douglas and the Perfumes Club? Well, they have a lot of work to do because their audience and activity is light years away from their main competitor.
With this information Sephora can breathe easy knowing that its most direct competition is not only not on its heels in Social Networks , but is far behind it.
In the case of the other two companies, and as I pointed out earlier, it may be advisable for them to take a look at what Sephora is doing (socially speaking) and take it as a “muse of inspiration”Surely more than once you have heard that marketing results must be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and based on a period of time.So it will not be the same if I want to generate sales for specific products as if I want to increase the recognition of my brand or if what I propose is to reach more potential customers.After defining my objectives, I must establish the KPIs – Key Performance indicators or key performance indicators.What you want is to get more potential customers? Then the ideal is that you measure the number of new subscribers obtained per month.
You should be clear that the objectives are not of much use, in reality they are of almost nothing, if they cannot be measured. If you don’t know the results of your actions, how can you know if you are doing it right or wrong? And most importantly, how can you know what to improve or what you should definitely stop doing?Wanting the best marketing agencies to subscribe to my blog is not a specific goal, it is abstract and I am not establishing a measurable end result.


According to interests, demographic origin, gender, age and more, we will establish that buyer person or people (there may be more than one) that is behind our products or services. To design the buyer persona profile, we can rely on our sales team who, finally, is the one who is most in direct contact with customers, being able to inform us of their tastes, needs, questions or problems.Another source of information to profile our target audience is social networks, from which we can obtain information that we may not have detected through other channels. If I have previously told you that it was important to analyze and measure what we were putting into practice, at this time it is also important to do an analysis of who consumes our content to see if we are close to the people who make up our target target or if on the contrary we are connected with an audience that does not conform to that ideal targetTo make a simile and to see it graphically, we will say that the content plan will be a great puzzle in which we will have a series of pieces obtained thanks to our research and that we will unite taking as a guide the final photo that the objectives provide us preset.
As soon as we have the puzzle assembled with all the pieces fitted in place, we will have our ideal content plan designed.
Here I am going to suggest that you read my article: How to create a content plan that works? and that includes a summary of my presentation at the RD Summit held in Florianópolis in October and organized by RD Station.

Returning to the topic, your content plan should be a faithful reflection of what your audience wants and thus the type of content, for example, will be more or less extensive depending on whether your readers access from mobile or desktop, you will create more pieces visuals if you according to the age of your audience or very elaborate pieces if your readers want to learn and demand more didactic content (such as guides).
At this point, an audience survey can tell us what to do and what not to do.
The way to materialize the content plan is through the editorial calendar in which we can collect all our “usual” content, as well as seasonal content that occurs on important dates of the year (conferences, holidays, Black Friday , sales and relevant events of your sector).
Thanks to the editorial calendar, you will be able to determine the frequency of publication and what timesare the most appropriate to do so.
If there are thematic series in your content plan, having an editorial calendar that collects them will help you organize and distribute them in the most optimal way possible.
Here’s a question to ask yourself: when you search on Google, what page do you get when doing your searchI risk saying that you do not go from page 2 at most, hence the famous SEO joke that says that if you want to hide a corpse, put it from page 3 of Google, it makes special sense.
When we talk about how important SEO is for our content, it is not because we have commercial agreements with Google, but because it is a fact that the better positioned you are, the more options you have to be found. Simple as thisAre you a marketing agency and do you want to be hired? Well, either you are well positioned or you fight against 18,500,000 results … approximately🙂

In my opinion SEO and content marketing are a couple in which they mutually care about the welfare of the other.If your content is not optimized for SEO, you will lose its help in terms of greater reach and visibility.
In other words, the way to ensure that those who are looking for content (the products are included here) know that your website offers that specific content, is that your SEO strategy is well designed and helps you to be found easily and before than the rest of your competitors.In that battle for positioning there are some strategic pieces that are keywords but remember that we are increasingly taking advantage of the “benefits” of keywords, so now the SEO game is becoming more strategic if possible, forcing the “Players” to go beyond the root keywords and forcing us to look for differentiating options such as related keywords and long tail .When choosing these keywords you have to take your audience into account and not only choose those keywords that you consider are related to your business, but also those that you sense are being searched by your potential customers. To all this we must add again a study of the competition that gives us valuable clues.Personally, I have to admit that the Keyword Magic tool from SEMrush helps me greatly in my day-to-day editing and creating content, and that this resource allows me to locate keywords associated with my target target and, in addition, those that are being used. my competition to attract traffic.We must find a balance between those keywords that have a high search volume (that is, users search for them more frequently) and those that have low competition (which means that other websites are not using them).I know it is difficult but not impossible, so you have to work thinking that the prize to be achieved is great.With SEMrush SEO Content Template you can analyze the content of the first ten pages of Google and their keywords, and receive recommendations on how to create content optimized for SEO.

For example, suppose I am looking for the keyword “content strategy”, well, these are the recommendations that this tool proposesWe have already made progress and we are about to be able to create content.
Before starting with it, you must have compulsorily completed all the previous phases.In this way, you will now be in a position to create content focused on your target audience and with the keywords that best adapt to the chosen theme and all in order to achieve the corporate objectives that we had set for ourselvesLet’s imagine that we want to generate more sales, in this case, it will not hurt to include product blog posts or mention our products in micro-content on social networks (for example).To achieve that good content aligned with our objectives, we have infinite resources such as: inserting buttons or banners that guide the reader to carry out the desired action, create attractive headlines that will fall in love and call the action of those who read us, offer answers and solutions to problems that we know for sure have or may have in the future, combine different types of formats to impact them (text, infographics, videos …Do you want to check that the content you create helps to achieve the objectives? With SEMrush Content Analyzer – Post Tracking you will be able to visualize the content that generates the most visits, the one that is shared the most and the one that gets the most conversionsWe are already clear that our audience will not find us unless we help them, therefore, in addition to creating the content, we have to analyze the best time to notify them that we are there.If in order to control the content we create, a content plan is necessary to control when and where we disseminate the content, a dissemination and distribution plan will be necessary.

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