How to Create Effective Email Marketing Subjects (+30 Templates)

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How to Create Effective Email Marketing Subjects (+30 Templates)

The Email Marketing subject is what prompts the contact to open the email. It is very important, because it also responds to all the next user experience. When creating an email subject, you must consider several factors such as: interest, relevance, reputation, urgency, and excitement.
How do we handle the increasingly less accessible and more information-filled inboxes? How to work with people with increasingly valuable and rare interest? How do we create email subjects that generate curiosity?Those are the questions that we ask ourselves every day Poland Phone Number List campaign and that led us to the following conclusion:
The subject of the emails is as important as the content. An issue not only generates openings, but is also responsible for the entire subsequent user experience ”.
Factors Affecting Email Subjects
When creating the subject of your email, you have to take into account several factors. In this item we will discuss the most important ones, how to use them correctly and how to understand them to create more relevant emails.

Interest = Benefits + Curiosity
That is the factor over which we have the most control. To generate interest, we need to clarify the benefits and sharpen the curiosity of the person when reading that topic.

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This factor has a lot to do  Gulf Email List with continued openness, with the involvement of your contacts with emails and with their experience with their emails. When you open the message, is the subject delivering the content it promises? Is there a healthy relationship between subject and email?

To address these issues, it is very important that the email meets the expectations generated. Otherwise it will bring frustration to users.

Reputation is a long-term influencer. To build it in a positive way, you should focus on increasing its relevance and lowering frustration.

Beware: don’t create business standards. Standards often negatively influence reputation.
It is important, in some cases, to use this factor to optimize your affairs, mainly in cases of promotions or specific actions.

Last hours, RD Summit
10 minutes left: promotion with up to 50% OFF
Observation: worry about maintaining your relevance and reputation. Always deliver what has been proposed in the matter and do not standardize.

5. Emotion
It is scientifically proven that emotions generate more lucid memories. Obviously, we want to generate positive emotions in our contacts, right?

If your email generates positive emotions, your user will stay with that offer or that content for longer. In addition, their learning process becomes lighter.

Begin by inducing that experience through the title.
Tips for Creating Email Subjects
After taking these factors into account, we can proceed to produce issues with assertiveness, knowing, through the tips below, why they improve performance and how to use them in the correct context to capture the user’s attention.

1. Personalization
In principle, the best suggestion is: customize your email subject. Personalization is accompanied by interest, relevance, reputation, and positive emotions – almost all the factors of a good email subject.

Let us suppose the example: A virtual store for pets. I have, in my email base, the following buyer personas:

Dog owners.
Cat owners.
Through segmentation, for each person I can use a different subject:

Your puppy is going to love it!
How cuddly that cat …
The performance of both would increase significantly when the option of sending the same subject to everyone, for example:

Products for your pet
2. Use a supporting text (preheader)
The preheader is the first sentence to the right of the email subject. You have the possibility to include it in some email providers, like Gmail, for example.

How to insert the preheader in my email?
It can be inserted in two different cases:
Keep the subject as short as possible
Long topics are generally cut short on mobile viewing and also don’t stand out in the multitude of customer inbox emails. Therefore, keep the title as short as possible. The ideal, according to surveys, is between 20 and 41 characters. Include numbers or percentages
By writing numbers you attract logical reasoning, which consequently demands more attention. Thus, by using numbers or percentages you will be inducing the focused attention of the user. Use that suggestion when you can contextualize with your title.

Examples:Questions instigate and, like numbers, demand focused attention. Seeing a question mark, we were prompted to solve that problem.

Examples:The emojis end up generating an emotional and visual relationship with the email title, which combines well with the opening factors.

It is important not to keep the sending of emojis as the standard, because they may lose relevance if it is done often. Use them in the right context and in moderation.

7. Use keywords from your business
Include words appropriate to your performance segment in the title.

Let’s take the case of a fitness ecommerce. Use: lose fat, diet, fitness, bodybuilding, supplements, etc.

This will always generate a context for the user and will end up maintaining good standards of relevance, in addition to always reinforcing interest in your products / services.

8. Avoid very commercial words
Free, promotion, click, open, free, credit, offer, buy, view, verify, etc.

Those words are used a lot in emails and the possibility of them generating frustration is high.

Always maintain an identity for your issues, avoid the highest standards and keep the issues relevant.

The important thing is to have a creative process when producing your issues. These should enchant the customer and show a preview of the experience they will have when opening that email. Don’t forget that you are always communicating with people.

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