How to detect toxic employees in your company

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How to detect toxic employees in your company

he human resource is an essential element for the organization’s operation. That is why the necessary measures must be taken from the personnel recruitment process to select the best talent.However, there are times when things turn out differently and negative profiles are hired that  Israel Phone Number List can seriously harm the work environment, productivity and results of a company.If you really want to achieve your goals, you need to learn to detect toxic employees and apply the corresponding measures before they stop the progress of your company.
In this post I am going to share the characteristics that will help you identify toxic employees in your organization.
They do not share the organizational culture of your company
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That employee who does not like to participate in the dynamics of the organization, feels that training is an obligation and is not interested in sharing his skills with the other members of his team, it is a clear case of a toxic profile.
An employee who does not share the same values ​​as your organization may not have the vision to properly perform their job and help achieve the overall objectives of the company.
They are not productive
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There are several factors that affect staff productivity, however, despite providing you with the best working conditions, toxic employees will never bring the best results.
In addition, the attitude and behavior they have within the organization can influence the performance of other members of your staff. Therefore, it is necessary to identify them before they spread their behavior.
They constantly complain
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A toxic employee will never agree  gulf email list with any situation within the organization and will always look for the negative side. His activities seem excessive to him, he never feels valued by senior managers and receives the salary, as well as the benefits offered, inadequate for his effort and knowledge.
Their constant complaints often infect other team members with negativity.

They have a superb attitude
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Just as they constantly complain, they consider that the organization does not deserve them and therefore, they do not respect either the hierarchical ranks or their co-workers.
Arguing with them is tiring since they will never admit their mistakes and if they made any, they will direct the responsibility to someone else.
They can be easily detected in the rotation of positions, mainly in management or supervisory positions, since when they acquire power, they occupy their position to delegate their activities to others or obtain preferential treatment.They are not loyal to the organization
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Knowing their loyalty is difficult, as this negative profile tends to have a double personality. On the one hand, they constantly complain about the organization and disagree with its organizational culture, and on the other, when they present themselves to their supervisors or senior managers, they show an attitude of unconditional support. For this reason it is important to have a team in charge of human capital management .
They feel constantly attacked
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Any comment, feedback or call for attention (whether in a team or individual), will take it personal. You will consider that the tasks that are delegated to you are backed by bad intention and will drain your energy in possible confrontational scenarios.
How to deal with this situation?
It is not about making drastic decisions and mass layoffs. The purpose is to implement strategies that can correct this behavior.
You can draw on platforms of e-learning , for the training and development of human capital , which will help strengthen integration of the staff of a company , create a strong team in charge of human resource management and even optimize the process recruitment of personnel. It is only a matter of analyzing the situation of your company and choosing the best option for its growth.

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