How to divide a YouTube video into chapters

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How to divide a YouTube video into chapters

YouTube wants users to spend more and more time on its platform. For their part, creators seek to expand their audiences and monetize their work by achieving higher advertising revenue. This leads to a progressive increase in  www canada phone number the average duration of YouTube videos . According to Statista, this was 11.7 minutes in 2018, oscillating between 24.7 and 6.8 depending on the themes, as we can see in this graph:Statistic: Average YouTube video length as of December 2018, by category (in minutes) | Statista Find more statistics at Statista
A long video opens the possibility of inserting more ads throughout the playback . Exceeding the 10-minute border is decisive, since from there YouTube authorizes mid-roll formats , instead of allowing a single pre-roll at the beginning of the viewing. In addition, YouTube itself privileges the organic positioning of the most extensive content.

However, when we do not have time, or we do not intend to see a video in full, scrolling through the footage of a 15, 30 or 60 minute piece to locate the fragment that interests us can be exasperating. To offer the audience the possibility to easily select the desired content and thus improve the user experience, YouTube has enabled the option of dividing its videos into chapters . Dividing a YouTube video into chapters improves UXAs YouTube has announced , this new functionality is available both on desktop and in Android and iOS applications for mobiles and tablets. On a practical level, in a video divided into parts we will observe the playback bar cut into portions : each of them corresponds to a chapter. If we slide the cursor (or finger) over it, the time stamp on which we are standing and the name of the chapter in which we are will be shown. The location of the cuts will help us to know where one ends and the next begins. In addition, to compensate for navigation difficulties on the reduced screens of smartphones, YouTube has implemented a haptic drone. that is noticed, by means of a small vibration, in the chapter jumps.

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This novelty favors interaction and enriches the user experience. With the chapters, it is gulf email list  much easier to rewind the content to see a specific fragment again, or to advance until we find the section that responds to our concerns. Some examples of the use of chapters in YouTube videos are the tutorials , to separate each task; the concerts , to distinguish the songs; the talks and webinars , to organize the sections; or cooking recipes , where it is very useful to structure the step by step.

Dividing a YouTube video into chapters is a good idea for cooking tutorials
How to divide a YouTube video into chapters?
Dividing a YouTube video into chapters is very simple . You just have to take into account that there is a minimum number of chapters (three) and a minimum duration per chapter (10 seconds). That said, the process begins by accessing the video editing options and, within them, the Description field , one of the most cared for within the SEO optimization of YouTube videos .Then, you just have to insert the desired structure in this section, entering the time stamp of the beginning of each chapter (for example, 19:27) followed by the name of this. For YouTube to recognize the split, the first timestamp must be 00:00. This tutorial explains it very visually:
A 2020 full of releases for YouTubeOne of the keys to YouTube’s great popularity is its dynamism. Half social network, half VoD service, throughout this first half of 2020 it has not stopped updating its features, testing new ideas and working on launches that will soon see the light of day. Just a couple of months ago, he activated YouTube Video Builder in beta , a tool that simplifies the creation of short videos for brands. It consists of an editor with predefined templates, adapted to different advertising objectives, which allow combining images, sound, texts and calls to action. In the meantime, he’s also testing “Products in this video,” a feature to drive sales from within YouTube . It consists of inserting superimposed icons and links to the articles shown in the playing video, so that the user can directly access the purchase page.Finally, the most anticipated advance is scheduled for the end of the year, at which time YouTube Shorts will take shape , a snackable video project with which YouTube wants to stand up to TikTok . Like this last app, YouTube Shorts will be based on the development and sharing of short videos, easy for users to record and assemble in moments. Will YouTube achieve its goal? In 2021 we will see it!

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