How to find an advertising insight?

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How to find an advertising insight?

If you did not know the concept of insight in advertising then you are missing something very important when it comes to creating messages that really attract the attention of your potential clients
But before talking about how to find an advertising insight, the correct thing to do would be to explain what an insight is, its importance in advertising  Italy Phone Number List messages and its origin.First things first What is an insight?The word insight comes originates from the field of psychology as a term that translates into Spanish as “internal vision” or “revealed truth” used to designate understanding about something.
Through an insight, a subject captures or internalizes a revealed truth. Insight can be the result of chance or unexpected, as well as the result of a long work process.Why is insight important?
Primarily because it causes a change in the behavior of the subject since it affects not only their consciousness but also their relationship with respect to something.
Basically knowing how to find an insight will end up leading to a change in behavior or consciousness.
Mariano, you already confused me. So what is an advertising insight?
Don’t worry, I’ll explain it below so you can understand the difference.
Basically it is the same, only that instead of addressing the field of full psychology, the concept is oriented to a more advertising environment. Although in reality psychology and advertising have too many things in common.

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The advertising insight is precisely to find that internal vision or revealed truth so that we can build a message based on something that touches the consumer internally, something that is part of their life, something everyday. gulf email list What you are looking for when trying to find an advertising insight is to develop messages that are based on those “inside truths” within customers rather than create messages based on what the brands want to say.Do you have any example of cases in which an advertising insight could be found?Of course I do, I have 3 particular examples that I would like to share with you.
I found the first example on the blog at www.todomktblog.com, which I reached through Google images. Look at the image below:
how to find a publicity insight 1
Image: www.todomktblog.com
In this case, the advertising insight is easy to understand. A girl who is celebrating her birthday receives a guest dressed exactly like her to her party. A very uncomfortable situation that will bring you headaches because everyone will notice it, laugh at it or end up commenting on this situation.
As you can see, it is not the typical message from a person with migraine in the office. That is out of fashion, it is no longer flashy but rather a cliché.The following example was shared by Cristina Quiñones from Consumer Truth at ExpoMarketing 2015. The video is really interesting and I’m just going to tell you something. I’m sure you never imagined that wet toilet paper could be sold like this.

That’s right, nothing to say that it cleans better or to say that it leaves the skin softer. What the brand says is that it is so good that it will achieve “kissable asses”. Although the campaign generated some controversy, it should be noted that the advertising insight for this product is quite striking.
Finally, the third example of how to find an advertising insight that I want to show you is the famous case of Sprite. Actually the latest campaigns of the brand are based on launching one insight after another.
how to find a publicity insight 2

As you can see the “revealed truth” (Advertising Insight) in this case, is that a person when it is time to leave the bowling alley or disco does not want to go home alone without having found a partner for the night then “grab” whatever comes or as the message says “has no filter”. By the way, so that this advertising is not seen as something macho, I must emphasize that the company has several arts and spots in which both genders are played.In summary, three examples in which it can be seen how each brand managed to find a striking, different advertising insight that makes part of the target audience connect.
But now comes the million dollar question.
Mariano How to find an advertising insight?
The first thing I want to tell you is that there is no single technique or tool. Also, this is not a one-step process, but rather a multi-step process. So I’ll try to sort things out a bit.
I recommend you see the following image and if you need a further explanation, enter the Consumer Insights blog where they explain each of the elements of the customer-focused business model.
The first step would be to understand that finding an advertising insight should not be something that is done from time to time, but rather a process in which the organization or company will always be involved.
Failure to do this will reveal certain incongruities such as messages that at times are striking and capture the attention of customers, mixed with the typical messages in which the company places itself at the center of everything.
In summary, first it is good that the company understands the importance of focusing on the customer.
Well, what tools are there to find an advertising insight?
Before talking about the tools, first I want to explain that there are 3 different types of advertising insights or at least so far these 3 forms are the best known when it comes to categorizing them.

Intellectual insight . It is given in a rational way. It shows the intellectual understanding of something, but not an emotional and operational knowledge of a situation. (Ex: My vehicle allows me to save time in my life)
Emotional or visceral insight . It provides a clear awareness, understanding and feeling in the depths of being, regarding the meaning of personal behaviors, and thanks to which positive modifications of the personality could occur. (Ex: When I drive my vehicle, I feel the power of the engine running through my body and the freedom to go as far as my dreams wish)
Structural insight . It is the conscious or unconscious knowledge of the subject that acquires, uses and projects through the union of structures. (Ex: Those who do not have a vehicle today, do not understand the importance of saving time and moving comfortably)
Now, we are going to see some tools to know how to find an advertising insight, which I found on the Consumert Truth blog .how-to-find-an-advertising-insight-observationObservation: Analyzing consumer behavior as it occurs in practice. It supposes an attitude of careful prior neutrality (that is, to go to the scene without prejudices or certain beliefs about their behavior). One must observe both how he is physically, how he lives, how he interacts with other members of his family, how he interacts with the seller or shopkeeper, how he expresses himself about the product and also how he consumes the product. Observation is always the first step to in-depth understanding.how-to-find-an-advertising-insight-interviewIn-Depth Interview: Penetrating the mind of the consumer and making it possible for him to give an account of his true (hidden, unconscious) motivations, desires, aspirations or beliefs. For this, it is necessary to use projective techniques that allow to demolish the myths and prejudices of rationality (the consumer’s tendency to give rational, logical or acceptable answers for the interviewer and that make him look good) and rather elicit latent and genuine content ( many of which belong to the sphere of emotionality). A good individual or group interview is an important second step after observation.

how-to-find-an-advertising-insight-immersionImmersion: it is not enough to observe or interview the consumer, you have to live with him, like him, as he. This is, I think, the most important thing of all. Immersion or coexistence with the consumer in their natural habitat. And I am not only referring here to a 4-hour visit in a home (“inhome visit”) but to an immersion of at least 3 days in the home of a consumer sharing with him breakfast, lunch, dinner, cleaning activities , shopping, parenting, media reception, playing with children, etc. This really allows to experience the consumer experience and “to be able to see the world as the consumer would see it”

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