How to find the ideal Marketing professional for your agency

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How to find the ideal Marketing professional for your agency


Digital Marketing service providers are accompanying the growth in the demand of companies that want to have a strong digital presence and extract results from the internet. The search for specific deliveries for businesses is an attraction for those who work with Inbound active cell phone number list but satisfying increasingly demanding clients and aware of how to invest their money is not easy without a team prepared for it. Finding the profile of the marketer is a challenge for many, that is why we have some suggestions to help you.
First step: what is the structure of your team?
To choose who should make up your team, the first step is to think about the types of service offered to customers and what is the structure of your current team. Observe your employees and verify what technical skills are lacking for the agency to be able to offer all services related to Inbound Marketing: content production, SEO, Email Marketing , paid ads, etc.Another point of analysis is the internal structure you want to put together : do you prefer professionals who execute all the stages of the service offered or do you want to create a sectorized team? A team in which everyone produces content , executes the management of social networks and email shots or a specialized person for each action front? In this second case, the advantage is the construction of specialists who can guarantee a higher level of delivery for each service. You should also take into account another option, which is to outsource some activities, such as content production, for exampleHaving identified the activities that your team must execute, you must understand the skills that your candidates need to have to work with Inbound Marketing fronts such as SEO, social networks, sponsored links, etc. If possible, also choose professionals who have experience with digital marketing tools or integrated platforms.

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The lack of trained professionals (even because many of these activities are quite recent gulf email list and there are no teaching institutions focused on Inbound Marketing) can lead you to opt for people with less experience. In those cases, the desire to learn and the commitment to your business should be key points in the decision.And of course, in all cases, the hiring of professionals with the organizational capacity to execute the activities within the stipulated period, analytical capacity to propose the best solution to the problem and the desire to deliver the best result are essential to keep your agency healthy. and satisfied customers.Where to find Inbound Marketing professionals
With our own experience searching the market for trained digital marketing professionals, we can share some suggestions on how to find theLook for professionals in the right channels: LinkedIn is an excellent place to start, with the possibility of filtering candidates by their profile (interest, experience). Sites specialized in job offers are also very suitable for this workSearch in communities on the subject: Other interesting places are blogs and groups on digital marketing. Posting the job offer and talking to some people can be sources of good hires.Events and Directions: Prospecting for events in the area can work, as many of those present have an interest and knowledge on the subject. A sure way to bring people to the team is the indication of the same employees of the agency, who already know the candidate (a) and can recommend him / heBut it is not enough to attract these people, it is necessary to awaken their interest in working in the agency. Put together the job description in a direct and attractive way: clarify what are the main skills that the candidate needs to have to develop the tasks, as well as the day-to-day activities that will be developed and the necessary personal qualities.We know that even following these suggestions it may not be easy to find these marketing professionals in the market, so it is recommended that agencies are willing to train their new employees, in addition to training their professionals internally.This article was originally written in Portuguese and you can find it here. It has modifications and adaptations by the author for the Latin American market

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