How to find the insights in your Sales Funnel

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How to find the insights in your Sales Funnel

A very common concept in Digital Marketing is the sales funnel, understanding that it is a process in stages to convert a website visitor into a customer. Building this funnel helps a lot to visualize the main results, however, even more important than establishing a good funnel is knowing how to analyze the data generated properly.Based on some key questions, we can take into account the main insights to know where to focus and direct our efforts in order to generate more and better results.Only in this way, it is possible to make more assertive decisions about Marketing and Sales to maintain constant growth.Therefore, we highlight 4 questions and the most important insights that you must take into account for the analysis of your sales funnel .This is the first question that must be answered, as it is essential for any mobile number list download to understand if investments in marketing and sales are generating return.To do this, you must look at the funnel and also some financial dataIn order to calculate the return on investment you must add all the costs involved in acquiring customers, such as: salary of employees in the areas of marketing and sales, investments in paid advertisements, events, tools and third parties, in addition to comparing that sum with the value that came in from sales.Insight : If the return were positive, the idea is to discover what is working best and what generates the best results to invest more in it. If the return is negative, you have to investigate what is weighing the most in the results and try to correct it as quickly as possible. For example, if there is a bad acquisition channel, stop investing in it and invest in another.

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A good way to pinpoint the greatest opportunities for improvement is by identifying the worst outcomes. This is probably where the greatest opportunity lies,  gulf email list where small improvements greatly increase results.To achieve this, it is interesting not only to analyze the historical data, but also to make a comparison with the market averageIf you only compare the data in the funnel with the historical data of your business it can cause you to make hasty decisions. This happens because having a significant advance from one month to another, this creates the illusion that this already has a good result, but there are not many parameters to confirm itBy comparing your results with those of other companies in your market, it is easier to identify where the real bottleneck is. Regardless of how far you are progressing, you will know if you are below or above average.Example: a company improved its visitor lead conversion from 3% to 6%. Since he doubled his results, he now thinks the results are good and focuses on improving some other point.However, if this company had compared its progress with the average market rates, it would see that the average conversion rate is between 15% and 20%. In this way, the growth lever probably still continues at this stage, since it is possible to triple the current resultsInsight: Discover which metric is very far from the market average and invest your efforts in improving it, because that is where the real opportunity lies. In the event that you are already very close to the average, look for other areas of action, where less efforts are necessary to continue growing. This is because the more you improve a result, the more difficult it is to keep improving.- Which channel brings the most return on sales and how long does it take?
To know which channel brings the most return on sales, it is necessary that we first understand the basic difference between sales with short cycles and sales with long cycles.

Shorter sales cycles are associated with less complex sales, where the site visitor usually already knows what he is going to buy, therefore, he enters and purchases the product, as happens in most e-commerce.In more complex sales, the cycles are longer because the buyer needs to be more informed about the given matter before making the purchase decision. In this case, the buyer generally interacts with the business several times before the purchase.In order to make a real analysis of the most effective acquisition channel, it is necessary to consider this difference, especially in the case of longer sales cycles. You really need to consider the acquisition channel from the first interaction with the company. This type of analysis is very important to define the marketing strategy and investments in the short, medium and long term.An interesting insight that we can take into account by analyzing the data in this table is that for short-term results, the paid Search channel is the most interesting. Probably this channel will have a higher cost, but if a greater result is necessary in the short term, it is the price that must be paid.
We can see that the Social channel represents the highest conversion rate, but also with a longer time to generate a customer from the Lead. Despite being a more efficient channel than others, the results of a potential investment would take 15X longer to achieve compared to the paid Search route. It would probably be cheaper, since the efficiency is higher, but it would take much longer to show resultsInsight : When deciding where to invest, don’t just consider how many sales each channel generates. In your analysis also assess the effectiveness of the sales cycle of each channel. This helps to define the size of the investment in each one and if these are short or medium termWhich materials help to generate more sales?
The foundation of any content marketing strategy is the creation of educational materials. The main objective of the materials is to inform about the Leads and to obtain them more and more during the purchase process.However, some materials are more sellers than others. Understanding which of them directly helps to attract more customers, transforms the entire marketing and sales strategy: both in the creation of new materials, as in the use of these materials by sellers and in nutrition floInsight: Find out which are the best materials (both in the way in which the most attractive generate the greatest number of leads, and in which are the most effective in generating sales), and see how to use them at the best moment. The most attractive to produce volume should be used in larger communications, such as social media, while the most effective should be used by marketers, in nutrition streams and paid media.

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