How to improve the retail shopping experience in 2021

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How to improve the retail shopping experience in 2021

Despite being close to the first anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe and the United States, the situation of uncertainty has continued to drag on for brands and users . As a consequence, there have been profound changes in consumer habits that are impacting the way retail brands operate. In this context, some key questions emerge that are worth looking at with some perspective to optimize the shopping experience and guide the 2021 get a uk phone number strategy .What does the consumer demand today?Users have changed forever. Their online habits no longer have anything to do with those of a year ago and, therefore, demand a shopping experience adjusted to the new reality they are living. We highlight the main demands in five key points:Or, what is the same, that they give them facilities for the purchase , that quite complicated things are out there. According to Nielsen data , the combination of online and offline shopping channels in the United States has grown by 50% between September 2019 and the same month in 2020. In addition, users who prefer to buy online and resort to to her frequently.With this data on the table, offer e-commerce options such as Click & Collect, operate with a network of collection points in addition to physical stores or communicate with the brand without obstacles and through a variety of channels (such as chatbots or instant messaging apps ) are aspects that reinforce the omnichannel strategy and help build customer loyalty . Some technological trends that we already knew before the appearance of the SARS-CoV-2 virus have accelerated their implementation in companies in the retail sector. Examples are the payment options Contactless , the apps optimized for the purchase or use of technology augmented reality to digitally sample the products . In this regard, the Bain & Company infographic summarizes the main technologies that are being applied in retail and the degree of development in which they are: Source: Bain & Company Digitalizing RetaiSource: Bain & Company Digitalizing Retail

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On the other hand, Google is also launching initiatives aimed at improving the shopping gulf email list  experience for users from the SERP . In December, he announced that they were testing in the US a new way of showing results enhanced with augmented reality . Through the use of the camera and technology equipped with artificial intelligence, results of this type offer the user a formula to better compare and choose products in the beauty sector before buying online. Without a doubt, it is an advance of what is to come to retail and that we will follow closely.According to a survey cited by the specialized magazine Retail Dive , if a page takes a long time to load, 90% of users lose patience and leave e-commerce . The interesting thing is what they do next: 57% look for a similar retailer and 41% go directly to Amazon . In 2020, Google released the Core Web Vitals indicators , which allow evaluating aspects related to the usability of e-commerce and the online shopping experience . Like the adaptation to mobile browsing of e-commerce , they are very relevant for SEO positioning. The aim of the search engine is to give satisfactory answers to user queries, so it is continually adjusting its criteria for this purpose . Therefore, SEO often works as a yardstick for user expectations .According to a recent survey conducted in the United States by DemandTec , price has a decisive influence on the shopping experience in the current situation. In fact, 34% of users put it ahead of any other aspect such as product quality (28%) or availability (18%). Despite this, the risk for retailers is that consumers enter a state of fatigue. In addition, an aggressive pricing strategy can jeopardize the profit margins that are managed. A solution that is already working in e-commerce retailers is to apply personalized price management with the help of systems that are supported by machine learning algorithms .

In 2020, entertainment has been positioned as one of the aspects that accelerate the online shopping process, according to a survey by GlobalWebIndex . Some have baptized this phenomenon as entertainmerce , which draws directly from the influence that live-streaming e-commerce already has in China. Source: Survey conducted in September 2020 by GlobalWebIndex
Source: Survey conducted in September 2020 by GlobalWebIndex
Brands struggling in the digital arena compete for users’ attention in an increasingly crowded space . For this reason, retailers seek to enrich their brand ecosystems through the use of novel formats such as micro-videos or long-term streaming broadcasts such as those that take place on Twitch . Both ways have shown that unboxings or product presentations are not incompatible with pure entertainment.
Listening to the consumer, key to improving the online shopping experience
COVID-19 has forced brands to work without a historical data to rely on to plan their marketing actions. This requires a very flexible user-centric approach to be able to respond to consumer demands in near real time . Therefore, we cannot conclude this article without mentioning the importance of carrying out an effective data management strategy to achieve more visibility of what is happening in the business and thus adjust plans to achieve success.

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