How to increase app downloads: key channels to accelerate uptake

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How to increase app downloads: key channels to accelerate uptake

The app downloads are experiencing an unprecedented boom from forced confinement by the global pandemic COVID-19. According to the App User Behavior in 2020 report from Criteo, most of it is achieved through the recommendation of acquaintances, but the advertising strategy also australia mobile number database has a lot to say when it comes to getting new installations , since 27% of the Surveyed users discovered apps through social ads , 24% saw them in television advertising and 19% found them through ads in other applications. In addition, more than half of US users used apps from the retail sector and FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) to make their purchases during confinement , which is why they have already been integrated as part of the consumption habits that define the new normal. . So how do you take advantage of this familiarity and increase mobile app downloads?Social channels to publicize apps and achieve downloads
Social platforms are an excellent starting point to generate awareness around a new application. The choice of the social channel, the audience segmentation and the type of campaign depends largely on the nature and sector to which the app belongs:Facebook and Instagram : both networks share advertising tools, although they have differences in terms of the pool of active users on them and the characteristics of the content that is shared. Therefore, it is possible to configure the Mobile App Ad Campaigns to directly increase new installations or, instead, to encourage engagement with the app when they have already .


installed it (enhance its use or conversion). The messages, images and even the video that appear in these ads can be directed towards the download as well as the CTA.Pinterest : This network stands out mainly for two reasons: it is used mostly by women (71% in total, according to Hootsuite ) and it has become a benchmark for the search for inspiration in  gulf email list  their purchases (as stated by 48% of its users according to notes eMarketer ). Hence, it is a very relevant option to increase downloads of apps related to this audience. In addition, Pinterest also allows you to launch campaigns focused on the installation of apps and optimize them based on the download or traffic objective.TikTok : it is the social network of the moment among the youngest. Its majority audience is in the 18-24 age group (42%), followed by users between the ages of 13 and 17 (27%), according to Hootsuite . The advertising potential of TikTok to publicize the apps focused on this type of audience is very relevant and, although TikTok for Business does not yet have specific options for apps, the success of the campaigns in terms of awareness is based on the great repercussion that have the audiovisual formats on the platform .
YouTube : TrueView for Action campaigns on YouTube meet both objectives: on the one hand, they are able to reflect the essence of the app at a glance (the recommendation is to use videos of maximum 30 seconds that convey the key message in the first five) and, on the other hand, they are one of the most effective means of achieving downloads thanks to the natural integration of CTAs oriented to the installation of the app.

The first step to attracting app downloads is to generate awareness
Advertising on Google Play and Apple Search Ads
While new audiences are being conquered in social networks, it is convenient to complement the actions to increase app downloads with direct advertising in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store:Google’s UAC (Universal App Campaigns) campaigns The campaigns Android applications are based on the algorithms of Google machine learning and analysis and segmentation of audiences to deploy ads in locations most likely to convert . Therefore, they can appear in the Google Play Store, but also in Search, YouTube (they will be under the video, so it should be combined with TrueView for Action), Gmail and on the Google Display network, which includes other websites and apps . As it is a highly automated advertising format , the customization possibilities are limited, since it is the system itself that combines the elements (texts, images and videos) to compose the ads. Of course, the UACs can be oriented to increase the number of downloads or to encourage users who already have the app to interact with The Apple Search Ads appear directly on the Apple App Store and work following the traditional bidding system where you pay to appear in the sponsored results enabled only when certain relevant keywords are searched and related application. Apple Search Ads campaigns are structured around the Basic and Advanced options , whose fundamental distinction is the degree of intervention they allow depending on the budget available to invest. The advantages of MMP tools for measuring results
When analyzing the overall results of the download campaign for an app, it is important to have a solid attribution model that avoids data duplication between platforms and provides an accurate view of how the strategy is working. advertising on each channel . In this sense, it is advisable to use Mobile Measurement Partners (MMP) tools , which simplify the collection, exploitation, standardization and interpretation of data.

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