How to increase the visibility of your business through Digital Audio

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How to increase the visibility of your business through Digital Audio

The development of new content aimed at highly differentiated audiences is one of the main engines of the unstoppable growth in the number of Digital Audio consumers in recent years. According to the report on consumer behavior The Infinite Dial, prepared by Edison Research , in the US in 2019 51% of the population listened to at least one podcast, which corresponds to a growth of 20 million listeners compared to the last year. For their part, 62% of Americans are users of streaming music services.The growth data in the Digital Audio consumption figures show that the future of Internet advertising involves an increase in investment in this medium. According to iab’s annual study of internet advertising revenue, online audio advertising revenue amounted to $ 1.2 billion in the first half of 2019, representing around 2% of total internet advertising revenue. . Therefore, there is a very wide margin for the expansion of advertising in this sector. In light of the data, it seems sensible to give e chinese phone numbers in china strategies, even more so if we take into account that 54% of listeners consider a brand after listening to an ad through this medium . All this raises an interesting scenario in order to implement new strategies to impact an audience that is only increasing globally.

The future of Digital Audio
The distribution of audiences is a determining factor when designing online advertising strategies. Thus, the formats and themes of Digital Audio are so varied that they present a high segmentation of audiences . For example, while in the US streaming music is the most listened to format, in Europe online radio is more popular, due to the fact that the average age of listeners is older, as collected by the GlobalWebIndex’s flagship report on trends. in the entertainment market.In a market with such high growth rates, innovation and the development of new tools are essential to achieve the best results. Proactivity and the detection of opportunities for the implementation of new formats will be the factors that make the differenceFrom the point of view of the devices used for listening to online audio , smartphones maintain an indisputable hegemony. For this reason, the development of 5G technology will mean progress towards greater engagement with users, as reflected in the Media Trends and Predictions 2020 study by Kantar Media. The higher available bandwidth will allow uninterrupted consumption that will directly benefit the playback of streaming audio contentDistribution of the devices used for streaming music consumption. Source: GlobalWebIndex’s flagship report

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In addition, the appearance on the market of new devices is another of the determining causes in the rise of Digital Audio users around the world. The intelligent  gulf email list  speakers now account for 10% of listeners online audio programming and it is estimated that by 2022, 55% of households count on at the least one smart guy. With the increase in this type of device, voice searches and, therefore, attendees give way to new consumption habits with audio content as protagonists.

Voice search is a growing trend
Segmentation, a key element to achieve visibility
The Digital Audio market has shown great potential for the development of advertising strategies aimed at branding . Podcast listeners understand the exchange of value between the content they receive and sponsorships, so brands must be able to take advantage of that by creating messages tailored to their audience. The design of strategies tailored to the format and the listener is one of the keys to success.The segmentation of audiences that the online audio sector presents is a great opportunity for the development of adapted marketing strategies. In this sense, deep knowledge of the particularities of each medium is key to building relevant messages for the audienceLUCÍA GONZÁLEZ , AUDIO, VIDEO & CONNECTED TV MANAGING DIRECTOR AT LABELIUM GROUP
On the other hand, advances in programmatic advertising on digital audio platforms have had a great impact on its evolution. It is a type of online advertising designed to be included in audio content such as podcasts and streaming music through the use of algorithms for the automatic purchase of advertising space. Thus, the introduction of programmatic audio advertising within digital marketing strategies can represent an advance in terms of resource optimization .Connected TV, Video and Audio online make up an ecosystem in full development , in which anticipation and experience will provide a competitive advantage. Maximizing the results of each action must be the backbone of online marketing strategies. With this objective in mind, it is essential to build a global vision of the online entertainment sector without losing sight of the interaction capacity that the different formats and media present with each other.

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