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At the end of January, at Mediaclick we talked to you about “ How to track conversion on Facebook ads? ”And, now, we would like to focus on another of the tools that Social Networks offer us in order to reach a wider audience. Therefore, we want to share with you how to launch an advertising campaign on Twitter ads Of all the existing Social Networks, Twitter is a very  hong kong mobile number trace powerful tool to reach all those people who might want to hire a product or service. It allows very direct communication and is a very powerful platform for customer service. In fact, there are already many companies that attend and solve problems of their customers through Twitter . And customers appreciate it. With Twitter, communication between company and client could be said to have become H2H (Human to Human) , leaving B2C or B2B aside.
But also, since the arrival of Twitter ads to the Spanish market for SMEs, the possibilities of communicating have multiplied and without the need to invest a large amount of money. Now, small or medium-sized businesses that don’t have big budgets can also reach their target audience in a very direct and virtually natural way within Twitter . This ad platform is barely a year old and all indicators point to the click-through rates and the reach of promoted tweets being higher than that offered by the almighty Facebook ad platform Next we are going to explain in a clear and simple way how to launch an advertising campaign on Twitter ads :1. To access the Twitter ads platform, what you have to do is enter our Twitter profile (or the client’s profile if we are an agency). Once we are inside, we must click on the “Profile and configuration” options, which is where the logo appears. Once we click, the menu will be displayed and the Twitter ads option will appear, as shown in the image. We just have to click and a new tab will open in the browser.

Hong-Kong-Phone-Number-List (1)

how to make a twitter ads campaig2. When we have already accessed the Twiter ads  gulf email list platform , the best thing to do before creating a new campaign is to insert the payment information with the credit card, so we will have it done forever. In case of changing cards, it is as easy as accessing, modifying the data and saving again. We can even eliminate the car. Another important aspect to configure is to set the country and time zone . Yes! It is important and can only be done once, so we will have to look closely at this point. Now, we are going to create the campaign on Twitter ads . If we are on the main page of the platform we will see that there is a large blue button in the upper right. If we click on it, a menu will be displayed that will indicate what type of campaign we want to launch.

how to create a new Twitter ads campaign
This is the most important moment. What type of campaign on Twitter ads should we choose? Depending on our objectives we must choose between one and the other. You have to stop for a moment and think carefully about what you want to achieve5. Going into more detail, the campaign must be given a descriptive name. This will help us if we are working with a large number of active campaigns.6. Segmentation. Another of the basic aspects if we want to make an effective Twitter Ads campaign . The platform is very advanced and allows us to segment by several criteria:LocationGender
Devices and platforms (operating systems)
Mobile operatorsAdditional targeting criteria: keywords, followers, interests, custom audience, and TV targetingFinally, the budget will have to be defined.And ready! We will already have our Twitter ads campaignunderway .And now that?
When the Twitter ads campaign is running, it is important to monitor performance thanks to “ Analytics ”, which we will also find within the same platform.
Analytics allows us to make various queries such as impressions, interactions, cost invested so far or conversions, among others; as well as data about the devices that are performing better. The trick is to analyze and measure the results in order to gradually optimize and increase the results.
From Mediaclick we hope that these tips on how to launch an advertising campaign on Twitter ads can help you with your goals. And if you want to start a campaign and you need help, you know who you can go to :).


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