How to launch an ecommerce at low cost

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How to launch an ecommerce at low cost

Many companies throughout the world are betting on selling their products online. The growth trend of e-commerce makes this indian mobile no directory a tempting option to consider. And some do not have enough means, so there are also low-cost ecommerce.In Spain alone, for 2018, about 20 million Internet users are online shoppers: this means that seven out of ten Spanish Internet users admit to being an e-commerce buyer, according to the E-commerce study presented by IAB Spain and Elogia. Another significant piece of information produced by the study is that the age of Internet users rose from 55 to 65 years.
Although it is true that the giants of commerce invest without compromise in e-commerce, the reality of an enterprise or an SME can be quite different: without a solid capital to invest in e-commerce, the question may arise of how to create a ecommerce at low cost so as not to fail in the attempt.
Do not get demoralized. There are several options that are within reach of all pockets. Virtual solutions that can be done in a scalable way to grow as your possibilities allow it. Take note and launch your ecommerce at low cost!WordPress. One in four websites are run by WordPress. And the good news is that WordPress is perfectly capable of supporting e-commerce. In fact, a recent statistic indicates that 42% of eCommerce sites use WordPress. It is that the use of this platform has in principle the advantage that it can be obtained for free and in addition, its code is open and free as well. WordPress has an e-commerce plugin called WooCommerce, also free. To begin with, there are plans for very little money, which can be expanded as you need it.

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BigCartel. This platform specializes in stores that do not have too many products. In fact, the plan they offer is free but is limited to only five products. Another downside is that the features are quite limited. However, if gulf email list  you don’t have a wide variety of products, BigCartel can work perfectly for you. This platform will be useful for order management and to keep track of your inventory.
Shopify. This popular e-commerce platform is very fast and has the characteristic that processes are simplified, while being equally powerful. For beginning developers, Shopify may be the best choice. The platform of the option to have a free trial that lasts 14 days. It also offers basic plans for very little money per month. Although the basic plan does not offer an online store as such, you can start selling from there.
Magento. This option is recommended for more experienced developers. It offers an open source option through which you can build an online store. However, as we have said, it requires either that you have experience developing, or that you have someone experienced in its construction. The good thing is that it is free to download. Then you will have to pay a host to be able to put the store online.
Online downloads. If your products are entirely digital, a good option would be to opt for Easy Digital Downloads. It is a perfect platform for those who only sell digital products such as audio files, music, ebooks, videos, and other digital formats.

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