How to make an interactive advertisement in print media

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How to make an interactive advertisement in print media

Today I came across a great article on the Direct Belarus Phone Number List  page showing about 15 examples of interactive ads. But be careful, they are not just any type of interactive ads, because they are made on printed media.
A few days ago I spoke about examples of double-page ads with a high dose of creativity, as an example that with creativity, amazing things can really be achieved. But the most important of all is that these types of ads show us that there is still a long way to go to media that many believe are already saturated and with nothing else to innovate.

Let’s see these great examples and understand how to make an interactive ad in print.The interactive advertisement for this beer is wonderful. Who doesn’t want a nice, cold beer when they want it? Well, we simply have to tear off the ad, wet it, wrap the beer with it and thus help the process of cooling it in a refrigerator.Great interactive advertisement that came with a bracelet, so that mothers can follow their children through a mobile application developed by the brand. In this way, children are protected from the sun and also from any danger.
The Technological University of Peru resorted to a great billboard that was actually a giant interactive advertisement that generated drinking water. This was his strategy to get the attention of young people and potential students.
Hands down one of my favorite interactive ads. A collaboration between Motorola and Wired magazine that allowed people, using a few buttons, to select the color of their preference and see how it changed in the magazine. Amazing.


Konto Records, a German record label developed this interactive ad in which you can see a vinyl and that combining it with an iPhone allowed us to hear the message that it had inside.This is another one of my favorite interactive gulf email list  ads, especially because of how the concept is conveyed so creatively. In order to strengthen the importance of safety, this ad lets you hit the page and watch a small airbag begin to inflate inside the magazine.

Interesting way to achieve an interaction between a print ad and an iPad. This simple interactive ad consists of putting an iPad behind the ad, playing a video and watching the ad start to animate, showing shapes and colors.As always creativity mixed with simplicity is something magical. As magical as this interactive ad that when we open the magazine we find a lamp that really lights up.
Again simple but straightforward. Ford created a series of ads that came to life by scanning a QR code. The person who came across the interactive ad, scanned the code, placed the cell phone in a delimited space and watched the animation.
Interesting 3-page interactive ad that apparently using augmented reality allowed people to drive a car with both the lights on and the lights off.

Funny interactive advertisement from this telecommunications company that wanted to demonstrate the speed of implementing 4G in its services. The ad consisted of a game to play against someone and see who was the fastest at touching the smartphone screen.
Particular interactive ad that allowed the ad to be connected with the person’s Facebook profile and thus give “Like” to the brand’s Fan page.
Again Nivea surprised us with an interesting interactive advertisement that allowed people to charge their cell phones using the advertisement as a solar panel.
This Israeli energy company, presented an interactive advertisement that although at first glance it did not look like anything from another world and was barely seen, when put under the sunlight it came to life.We finally get to the last interactive ad and again, one that I find amazing. This television network put a small LCD screen in the Entertainment Weekly magazine which was constantly updated with videos and tweets from the network.Interactive Advertisement CW Network
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We have reached the end of the article, but definitely by now, surely many have their brains at a thousand revolutions per minute.I hope you have enjoyed the article and I invite you to visit the MarketingDirecto.com page where you can find this type of content and many high-quality content.

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