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Today Instagram is an essential tool for brands. And the fact is that there are many factors that position this application at the head of all those that are used to make online how to type a german phone number strategies. Among these factors, we can highlight the following: It is a totally free tool; It is in continuous expansion; It houses a very wide range of potential clients. But it is also that, if we dig a little deeper, we can see that Instagram incorporates a resource that is worth its weight in gold: Instagram Stories . A way of reaching the public that can be exploited to achieve the objectives we want.5 GUIDELINES TO FOLLOW TO GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR COMPANY’S INSTAGRAM STORIES
Not all companies or brands have the same needs. This reality means that the key points that we are going to present do not have to apply in all cases. However, it seems to us a more than interesting starting point to begin to see the true potential of Instagram Stories .
This is something that many companies do and it works very well. We start from the basis that users like to know everything that happens inside a company. Inquire about your employees, attend their meetings virtually, in short, know about their day to day.This is all an opportunity. By creating small videos, ideal in Instagram Stories , potential clients will be able to have a much closer view of your brand. A perfect way to offer a different experience and to be able to gain more quality followers.
With Instagram Stories, potential customers can have a much closer view of your brand.
Are your potential customers constantly asking about your new products? Are you hungry for news? Do they want to know everything about your new line of business? If so, Instagram Stories are perfect for showing all of this and much more.Adapting to current trends, you can do “ unboxings ” in your company’s offices on new products. Likewise, you can also do small interviews with the people in charge of developing the new services that you have put on the market.LIVE TRAINING
On many occasions, users go to the Internet to gather information about the functionalities that can be given to a product. Even going a little further, the instructions for use are sought.

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All this must be seen as an opportunity. Once a certain pattern is detected in this regard,  gulf email list small tutorials can be created to share through Instagram Stories . Not only will you be offering very valuable information, but you will also be disseminating it from the official platform of the product
This, as you can imagine, will greatly improve engagement . And, in addition, it will allow you to get a good amount of direct traffic to the website.
Bosses, CFOs, Marketing Directors, or Employees. All these are the people who generally make an appearance of these small audiovisual pieces that brands in Instagram Stories .
But why not pass the baton on to the people on the street? This looks very easy with an example. Your company launches new running shoes on the market. Suggest someone from the street to try them and give their opinion.
The naturalness, freshness and novelty of these contents will make many potential clients feel identified with that person. A way to make potential customers become part of your own brand.
We’re not talking about letting your land eat. We are not saying give your direct competition a voice. It would be a complicated strategy to carry out and with many implications.
However, a good idea could be to work with brands that complement yours. Brands that have something to bring you. This is a sample, without a doubt, of an absolute lack of fear and complexes.With these Instagram Stories, you present yourself as a unique brand that collaborates with others and knows how it can improve. Why be afraid of the current market when we can use it to position ourselves as a benchmark in the sector?

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