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Google Analytics is one of the tools that allows you to automate and simplify the configuration of cookies. In essence, it could be said without fear of being german cell phone number example wrong that conversion analytics can be measured through what we call first-party cookies . Some cookies that can be configured, either through tools that facilitate the process, or manually.
The experience that we have accumulated over the years in the sector has led us to value, above the rest, two really important advantages .
There are tools that can be used to automate and simplify the entire process that has to do with the configuration of cookies .
These can be integrated into some Google products such as, for example, the case of Google Analytics .
To measure the conversions that a certain project has had, the best alternative is to use a model called attribution . A model that is not only easy to implement but has the added advantage that we can find several of them within Google Analytics.To access this configuration , we will have to access the “Conversions” menu of our Google Analytics account to enter the “Attribution” section. From there, we will have at our disposal a series of variables that must be configured in the way that interests us most in order to subsequently determine with total accuracy the origin of the conversion .TARGET CHOICE

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How could it be otherwise,  gulf email list the definition of the objective is vital to be able to correctly measure conversions . In addition, you have to take into account that the objective you have must be among the selectable ones. If not, you will have to modify the goal you have set for yourself.WINDOW TO THE PAST
This aspect is nothing more than the period of time that the system will consider to attribute a conversion . Although it is true that by default this value is 30 days, from our point of view we believe that it is much better to increase it to 90 days. In this way, you can have a much broader view of the conversions that have been obtained.CHOICE OF MODEL
At this point you have to choose the model you want to work with. With the intention of simplifying the process, the best choice is always the lines model although, of course, this will always depend on the needs of the project in question.DIMENSION
Obviously, in this case the most common is to choose “source / medium”. This is so since what we want is to be able to know from what source or from what medium the conversion comes to us. However, as we said just a moment ago, you can choose several alternatives and test what are the advantages of each of them.

how to measure conversions in Google Analytics
In Google Analytics we will have at our disposal a series of variables that must be configured in the way that interests us the most.
Although it may seem obvious that using Google Analytics has a number of obvious advantages, the truth is that it never hurts to review the reasons why it is better to choose this way over others.GREATER CONTROL.
As we have already seen, thanks to Google Analytics the control of the situation will be total. In this way at all times you will be able to know the origin of your conversion, which will provide you with a large amount of information.OTS OF INFORMATION.
Information is precisely another of the great advantages of this system. Information that well analyzed, weighed and studied can lead us to more than interesting conclusions. Some conclusions that can reaffirm us in the strategy we are using to achieve conversions or, on the contrary, can give us the keys we need to change course and orient the strategy in another direction.OFFICIAL PRODUCTS.
Being an official product we will have two benefits. On the one hand we will be able to have in real time all the updates that Google Analytics has and, on the other hand, within the network of networks, we will be able to check for ourselves the large amount of available documentation that there is so that training will not be a problem.

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