How to optimize app downloads with the help of the digital audiovisual environment

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How to optimize app downloads with the help of the digital audiovisual environment

According to App Annie , the new shopping centers are apps . In 2020, the time spent by US users on shopping apps grew by 30%, while their spending through apps increased by 55% . This data shows the preference of users for apps , which they not only use to buy, but also to entertain themselves with games, consume content or be in contact with others . british cell phone number For all this, many brands are betting very hard to create a strong community around their apps. In this sense, the audiovisual environment has very useful tools to make them known and add a greater number of app downloads . The digital audiovisual environment, key to boost app downloads
Throughout 2020, there has been a shift in audience from traditional media – television, radio and press – to the digital video and audio environment. According to the report State of Mobile 2021 App Annie , last year US users spent 8% more time to their smartphones to watch traditional television.This change in habits has occurred universally in all generations of users , but above all, the digitization of more mature users such as those belonging to Generation X and Baby Boomers stands out . For all this, the audience that uses apps in their day to day has grown.Source: State of Mobile 2021 by App AnnieSource: State of Mobile 2021 by App Annie On the other hand, users have become accustomed to consuming streaming content as a form of leisure . In this sense, YouTube leads the ranking of the number of hours that users spend watching online

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Therefore, the digital audiovisual ecosystem is a very relevant channel for presenting apps to users who are active online and getting them to end up  gulf email list downloading them How to optimize app downloads with the help of the digital audiovisual ecosystem Digital video and audio and even Connected TV work as excellent awareness boosters for a new app launch or relaunch . So how do you improve the volume of app downloads?
Take advantage of the communication power of digital video in all its aspectsAccording to AdColony’s The App Install Marketing Survey in 2020 , digital video ads account for almost half of the ad spend spent on app downloads. The communicative power of digital video allows brands to stand out from a highly saturated range of apps .
According to the same study, the most effective formats to get app downloads are full screen video (55%), in-feed video (41%), video ads on social networks (40%) and display ads (27%).
Source: The 2020 App Install Marketing Survey by AdColony
Source: The 2020 App Install Marketing Survey by AdColony
However, we must not overlook the effectiveness of interstitial display formats to present the app that we are promoting to the user. In fact, according to App Annie, the budget cuts that emerged in parallel to the lockdowns in the spring of 2020 caused the preference for this format to increase dramatically as it handles more competitive prices .. Consider collaborating with influencers to boost the number of downloads
The ability of digital video to transmit messages to the audience is reinforced if the brand collaborates with influencers so that the app ends up penetrating its followers. In this sense, App Annie calculates that the number of app downloads is multiplied by almost three when they are recommended by influencers .

Depending on the type of app, whether it is a game, a shopping or another service, the collaborations will take place in a different context than the audiovisual environment . For example, in the case of gaming apps, Twitch can be the perfect ecosystem to launch an ad campaign combined with actions with streamers related to the theme of the app.. Measure user behavior after downloading to improve engagement campaignThe main objective of recruitment campaigns is to increase app downloads, but it is also very important to evaluate the quality of new users . This is achieved by measuring the KPIs after installation, which indicate how effective the advertising is and allow answering questions such as whether users really keep the app and start using it or make it disappear from their smartphones right away. Source: The 2020 App Install Marketing Survey by AdColony
Source: The 2020 App Install Marketing Survey by AdColony
Sharing this data with advertising platforms allows you to refine the effectiveness of your campaigns and improve the type of segmentation applied.The advantages of the audiovisual environment to improve app advertising campaignsThe tools that digital audio and video platforms make available to us coexist with other key channels to get more app downloads such as social networks or the Google and Apple App Stores. However, digital audiovisual advertising has the double advantage of achieving that notoriety push while allowing it to reach the user who is more likely to download the app . If you want us to advise you on your campaigns to attract new users for your app, do not hesitate to contact Labelium Play , our division specialized in strategies focused on the audio, video and connected television ecosystem.

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