How to optimize the Google Play Store listing

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How to optimize the Google Play Store listing

Do you want to know how to easily optimize your Google Play listing? Today I am going to show a couple of tricks to improve the CTR of the Google Play listing . Easy, easy and FREE!
As I have commented several times, any improvement in the tab will boost the App Store Optimization (ASO) of your application.The objective of this post is that you name of customer using mobile number  take advantage of the resources that are at your disposal to reinforce the visual elements of your file, achieving a better conversion.
Thanks to the A / B Experiments we can try different combinations (bold, underlined, colors…) and keep the version that converts the most


These resources are not available in the Apple Store. Apple is sooo bland!⌨️HTML in the Google Play tab
Through HTML code we can achieve visual effects in the title, the short description and the general description. Some of the available resources are: bold, underline, italic or even different text colors:Sample html resources* gulf email list  The result of changes in font size is seen only from mobile devices, so do not be surprised if the changes are not seen from the desktop.Keep in mind that the characters are limited and the html code adds:Title: 50 characters.Short description: 80 characters.General description: 4,000 characters.Here we can see the old timbrit file, a home services app. Take advantage of the icons and the bold to offer an easy and optimized reading at a visual level:Example tab optimized with an icon💃Icons on the Play Store tab
It is common to use emojis or icons to generate a greater visual effect . To use emoticons we just have to copy them from a website that offers them and paste them into the file, some may vary a bit, but generally they look goo* We must take into account the communicative tone of the brand before launching to use more or less icons or a more informal tone.With these two resources and A / B experiments we can achieve an optimized and differentiated card from the rest of applications. And the best, at zero cost.

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