How to Perform a Full Website Quality Assurance

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How to Perform a Full Website Quality Assurance

When you create a website for yourself or for your clients, you don’t just want it to look good on the surface, but you also want to ensure that it will perform exactly as intended, now and in the future. Performing website quality assurance testing helps you do this by allowing you to systematically test your site for errors or other potential issues before going live. In this article, we’ll show you how to perform a quality assurance test of your website, as well as a checklist version of this article that you can use to test all of your sites. Avoid user experience pitfalls and increase conversions with usability testing Download our quality assurance checklist Contents What is Website Quality Assurance (QA)? Why do you need to test your website’s quality assurance?

How to Perform a Website Quality Assurance Test

How to Perform a Website Quality Assurance Test 1. Entering and validating the form 2. HTML/CSS validation 3. Cookie testing 4. Link test 5. Website Security 6. Mobile responsiveness 7. Accessibility 8. Functionality test 9. Payment gateways (if applicable) 10. User interface testing Download this Website Quality Assurance Guide as a Checklist What is Website Quality Assurance (QA)? Quality Assurance (QA) is the process of testing your website to discover errors, issues, or other oversights that you may have missed during the website development and design phases. The important thing about quality assurance is that it is a comprehensive and continuous task, whereas regression testing

Entering and Validating the Form

requirements testing, user testing, and other common types are more focused on unique issues. You should also perform quality assurance Malaysia Phone Number testing before launching a website, while other testing, such as user testing, is only done once the site is live. Why do you need to test your website’s quality assurance? Quality assurance testing helps you ensure that your website is ready for prime time and that your site visitors will have a great experience from day one. If you build websites for yourself, quality assurance testing is important to ensure a good visitor experience.

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