How to plan your digital marketing strategy in 2021

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How to plan your digital marketing strategy in 2021

How to orchestrate digital i need a uk phone number strategy in 2021We highlight the pillars on which the digital marketing strategy must be based in 2021: Set the starting point… and the arrival pointWhen nothing turned out as expected, one of the few certainties that brands had was in data analytics , since it was the key to entering a volatile reality in which users exhibited unprecedented behaviors to date. However, in the midst of this tidal wave, the interpretation offered by traditional descriptive analytics fell too short and prescriptive analytics was too complex to carry out. How to find the balance? A winning trump card is in advanced attribution models , which use machine learning to continuously adjust and allow a global vision of what is happening in online channels (and even offline with the help of omnichannel analytics ).Data management helps plan 2021 digital marketing strategy
Therefore, it is not surprising that the starting point for the digital marketing plan for 2021 is in the correct management of data . Although, if you are still in the process of implementing an effective data management strategy , there is a simple formula to define the starting and ending points that will determine the planning of actions: Identify five to seven most appropriate metrics to reflect the current state of the business in a consensual way with the rest of the leaders of the company. At this point, it is convenient not to get entangled with an excess of data that belongs to daily management. Some examples are: 48% of customers buy online in e-commerce or the monthly traffic is 50,000.

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Choose another five to seven metrics that reflect the desired evolution and that will  gulf email list  serve as goals to target . In this case, it is better to work with a close time frame. For example: 65% of customers will buy online by the end of 2021 or we will increase monthly e-commerce traffic to 80,000.
2. Define the guidelines on which to support the plan
Faced with the impact of COVID-19 , brands limited their marketing budgets by diverting investment in branding actions towards platforms that offered higher ROI. This concentrated the advertising effort creating a saturated market in which it is increasingly difficult to stand out … Which brings us back to the importance of having a powerful brand. How to solve the paradox in 2021? We summarize the process in two steps:

Plan tactics and channels to achieve the objectives set. To begin with, you can focus your efforts on four or seven initiatives, taking into account the evolution that has occurred in the consumer . In fact, the main investment movements in advertising channels respond to changes in user habits, as reflected in the following table collected in WARC ‘s The Marketer’s Toolkit 2021 report :
Source: The Marketer’s Toolkit 2021 by WARC
Build on hard data to support your chosen actions. There are sudden changes that die after the initial shock and others that turn into a more lasting trend . These can come from the brand’s own ecosystem, but also from external insights such as those provided by Google .
3. Be flexible and prepare for the future
The unexpected has marked the year we just left behind, so it is tempting to focus planning for 2021 marketing actions solely on the short term. However, if we learned anything in 2020, it is that we cannot afford to be unprepared. And right now we are at a pivotal moment in many areas of digital marketing .
Therefore, you have to start preparing for the change in aspects such as:
The progressive transition to a world without Third Party Cookies in which the new Analytics 4 will only gain relevance.The demand for greater interaction between brands and users through the use of tools that make communication flow such as chatbots or instant messaging apps .
The already necessary optimization of the user experience in e-commerce as a way to improve SEO positioning .Labelium accompanies you in the marketing strategy 2021
We know what it means to have cards of all kinds on the table and a limited budget that you have to make the most of. We have experienced it closely in many of our projects and this is precisely what allows us to have a global vision and, at the same time, highly specialized in the management and execution of digital media plans . If you need help to define digital marketing planning for 2021, we can contribute our expertise to enhance the profitability of your actions. Talk later?

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