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The SEO not only serves the common search engines like Google, but also to video platforms like Youtube. Here we show you the creativity carried out

 by Mediaclick to congratulate Christmas 2012 (song ” Christmas at Ground Zero ” by the comedian Weird al Yankovic):This video has positioned itself in the first pages of Youtube in just one week with the following keywords; ” Online marketing agency”, Google Christmas 2012 “or” Christmas marketing 2012 “, keywords that interested us for two reasons:They are related to the business sector ( Digital Marketing Agency and Google)These are words with very high search peaks around these dates (Christmas, Happy 2012)
What steps must be followed to position a video in the short and long term on YouTube?

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Choose which keywords we want to rank for (in our case, Online marketing and Christmas). We must take into account the temporality of the words and the search tendencies of the users. It is useless to upload a video to the Internet if it is not going to interest the staff (we recommend using the Google trends tool ).
Youtube channel : adjust  gulf email list the channel where the video will appear (description, URL, channel title, tags, outgoing links, etc). Just as it would not make sense to talk about fashion in a blog about tractors, it does not make sense to insert, for example, a video about marketing in a cooking channel.
Video description: title with suitable keywords, which also appear in the description, as well as in the tags. In the case of Mediaclick’s Christmas video, tags have been used such as: Google, Online Marketing Agency, Happy 2012, Weird al Yankovic, Google Adwords, etc).

Other elements to consider:Semantics: as we have already been saying in many articles on this blog, Google has become sensitive and likes (and demands) that the contents be semantically related to each other in order to position itself better and appear in the first results, so indicate who owns the video relates all your websites and online profiles using the tag rel = ”me ).
Viralization: share the video on all the social channels you have (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Blog, emailing, etc.), in this way we invite users to watch the video, share it, comment on it …
The elements mentioned above will help us to position the video in the short term, and in the long run, through getting scores, comments, video-response, channel subscribers, etc … we will get the video to be positioned in time and also help Consequently, to improve the global presence of our online marketing agency on the Internet.

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