How to prepare a broadcast on YouTube Live

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How to prepare a broadcast on YouTube Live

Since August 2016 with the end of Hangouts On Air, Google suggested that the tool be replaced by YouTube Live. With this option it is possible to work with a differentiated content, encouraging public participation.For those who work with Digital uae telephone Hangouts On Air was widely used in the transmission of live webinars. Here at RD Station, we already use the tool for various purposes, such as hosting live webinars, talking to clients, and getting feedback on our software – RD Station Marketing
This type of broadcast tool allows you to produce webinars and generate leads with less effort than with the production of an eBook, for example. It is a format that allows you to work on more advanced topics in the purchase process, which cover the middle of the funnel (MoFu).
By being live, the webinar also helps start the relationship. This is because, after launching the registrations for your base announcing the transmission on a certain day and time, that content will have to go out. It is also a great way to involve professionals from other areas of the company in the production of the content – such as a marketer, a developer or the customer service team.

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Follow the tutorial below to learn how to prepare broadcasts on YouTube Live:The first step is obviously to have a YouTube account. After logging in, click on your logo, in the upper right corner of the page, and then on “Creator Studio”: Then click on “Live Stream” in the menu on the left:
The next step is to click on “Events”: Go to “New Live Event”: Enter the title of the broadcast and the date it will happen. On the right side, we normally leave the video as unlisted so that it doesn’t appear automatically on our YouTube channel. Important: under “Type”, select “quick”. This is the simplest type to make a transmission. The event created will appear on the next page. There, you have a few options:
When you click Start Hangout On Air, a window will open and, from there, you can start broadcasting the event. Clicking on the event title will take you to a common YouTube video page, where you can grab the distribution link for the video, as well as the code to embed it on some other page.
See an example of a Hangout broadcast window:YouTube Live aids in content production by enabling live webinar broadcasts in which participants can interact by sending messages as they attend. It is a free tool that has the Google infrastructure.In the tool, after the live broadcast, Google automatically records the video on YouTube, allowing those who could not see it live to access the recording through the same link.

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