How to promote a tourist destination? Tourism Marketing + Gift presentation

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How to promote a tourist destination? Tourism Marketing + Gift presentation

A few years ago I was lucky enough to be invited to the International Tourism Forum that is organized in Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivi UK Phone Number Database List  how to implement it in our country and especially highlight how to promote a tourist destination .
Many times we forget the importance of marketing (not advertising) and how this discipline, applied to tourism, can really bring many benefits.
So next, I am going to summarize the presentation I made in this event on tourism marketing and at the end of the article, you will be able to find it to view online or download.
Table of contents [ Show ]With you, Miravete de la Sierra or “How tourism marketing can help a tiny town”
As you can see in the video, with a little creativity, a good dose of tourism marketing and a lot of desire, you can promote even a small town of 12 inhabitants.
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Why do people go sightseeing?
Basically people do tourism for different reasons, although the most significant are:For fun / pleasureFor business / workFor family issues / visitsMy favorite definition of tourism is the following:ACTIVITIES THAT PEOPLE CARRY OUT DURING THEIR TRIPS AND STAYS IN PLACES OTHER THAN THEIR USUAL ENVIRONMENT, FOR A CONSECUTIVE PERIOD OF LESS THAN ONE YEAR AND MORE THAN ONE DAY, FOR LEISURE, BUSINESS OR OTHER PURPOSES”And do not forget the following. When a person carries out some type of tourist activity, it involves different factors that influence their experience.
It is for this reason that what we say and how we say it matters a lot. We must make people understand that they will really have a pleasant experience with us, whatever their reason for traveling.
So with this little introduction, it’s time to talk a bit about tourism marketing and how to use it to our advantage by understanding the elements of it.
The first step to harness the power of tourism marketing is to understand that we must clearly define the target or target audience.

It is not simply about making a very simple description, but rather reaching the essence of the audience or type of client that we want in order to optimize the business.
For example, in the following graph you can see how the target audience has been defined, by analyzing it.
What should be analyzed?
Market: The location where our audience is located.
Public: The sector we want to attack.
Objective: A higher level of detail for that audience.
Target: Exactly who our customer is (Even with demographics)
This is a good way to really analyze who we want to reach with our tourism marketing actions.
How can we find that target audience?
There are many techniques, for example:
Define our audience and analyze it through layers (As if it were an onion) until we reach the ideal audience.
Do market analysis and research.
Carry out coolhunting activities to detect certain trends.
Analyze potential new business opportunities and unexploited niches.
Now if you want my advice , a very good way to find your audience is by creating a Buyer Persona .
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Here are some examples of very particular niches that some tourism companies are taking advantage of, in order to reach new markets.


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Yporquenosolo.com a specialist travel company for people who, as its URL says, is for people who want to travel alone.Marketing-Turistico-en-Bolivia-Mclanfranconi-2
Ghost Tours , specialists in horror tourism and make people live really spooky experiences.
Marketing-Turistico- gulf email list en-Bolivia-Mclanfranconi-3#two. Describe the benefits and not so much what is sold
how to promote a tourist destination 2
Benefits , courtesy of ShutterStockThere is something I always say in my sales talks and seminars:WHAT THEY REALLY SELL ARE THE BENEFITS
The same happens in Tourism.
The benefits of going to a tourist destination are the most important argument for making a sale and not just describing the place, what it will have and some details.
The benefits are often even those elements that the client cannot see with their own eyes and that are also often the reasons that convince them to do something.What types of benefits could we offer?I can think of an endless list, but for example:Live an unforgettable experience.
Travel and enjoy a certain exclusivity.Save money and expenses on the entire experience.
Obtain extra benefits that would be difficult to obtain on your own.
Release that accumulated stress throughout the year
There is an advertising campaign called SIMÓN EL OGRO that I love, and it clearly demonstrates the benefits of traveling:As I always say, the best way to sell is to talk about the benefits.

It is like trying to sell a cigarette. Everyone knows what is wrong, that it can cause cancer, respiratory diseases and even so there are people who try cigarettes for the first time, attracted by something.
And what is “that something” that many “buy”?
That something can be to appear more mature, feel that nobody controls them, give an image of a rebellious goat. They have even captured images such as enjoying a good cigar on a rainy or cold day, or like in the movies, lighting a cigarette, after a night of passion, to conclude in a total climax.In short, we know it hurts, but its benefits … well, to some it may sound pretty good.An example of how we can sell without having to describe our own destination and using tourism marketing is the case of the “Vive México” campaign and its messages that attacked different types of consumers or Buyer Persona from different perspectives .Marketing-Turistico-en-Bolivia-Mclanfranconi-4Marketing-Turistico-en-Bolivia-Mclanfranconi-5Marketing-Turistico-en-Bolivia-Mclanfranconi-6# 3 – Personalization is the key
how to promote a tourist destination 3
Hotel service , courtesy of ShutterStock
You have to understand that the world changed, with it, also the customer, but many companies did not really continue with this process and it seems they were stuck in time.Today we find clients who need or have the following elements:Hyper-Segmented: We have reached such a level of segmentation that today we can really hyper-segment the customer. For example, the case of horror tourism, which is for a very particular audience.
Smarter: The current customer is very intelligent, he investigates, analyzes, compares and does all the homework before our message reaches him. By then, he has more information than we do, than we do about him. And with more information, you have more power.
Greater power of choice: By having so much information and knowledge, the client can afford to really choose what they want, without being able to influence them.
Affective connection: Thanks to social networks and other tools, customers have learned to connect emotionally with brands. Failure to do so would be a big mistake.
Loyalty: Today the customer is no longer as loyal as before. A brand that connects better with ours, and it will leave us.

But if the whole experience is a disaster, then things are complicated.In the image that I show below, I make a translation between the common tourism terms, and the definitions that the client really wants to understand.Marketing-Turistico-en-Bolivia-Mclanfranconi-7
In summary, it is necessary to understand that the concepts are translated in another way within the mind of the consumer and that in the long run, a tourist destination is truly an experience, a tourism agency a facilitator of that experience, that vacations mean relaxing instead to complicate life.
I have a good anecdote about having a positive experience.A few years ago we traveled with my family to Villa Gesell in Argentina, a tourist area of ​​beaches. As we arrived early, we decided to lower our luggage in the cabins that we rented and go to eat something. When we returned we were terrified that they had entered to rob and had taken everything. Clothes, camera, camcorder, everything.Finally after deciding to stay, because we were not going to stay in that cabin out of fear, we went out to find a hotel to stay. Everything was packed, some hotels were even closed. However, we arrived at the Aren @ rena Hotel , the owner received us and after explaining what happened, he looked for a way to give us some rooms and even with a discount, as a way of solidarity.That is really service and quality of care. I will never forget that hotel in my life.RECOMMENDED READING: 40 Ways To Make Your Customers AngryThe best way to grow tourism is to harness the power of joining with others to promote a particular type of tourism, a region or even a country.

For example some ideas:We can do tourism marketing, partnering with other companies or chambers of the sector to be able to promote a region or a particular area.
We can do tourism marketing, taking advantage of the power of a country, region or city brand.
We can do tourism marketing, taking advantage of an event, festival, recital or even historical moment to make ourselves known
In summary, the union is strength and in tourism issues, pushing between several, is much better than trying to do it alone.# 6 – Be different from the rest, do what others do not
how to promote a tourist destination 6
Be different , courtesy of ShutterStock
When we do marketing, we seek among other things to be different in order to attract the attention of consumers.In the case of tourism marketing, the same thing happens.
You have to look for how to differentiate yourself from the competition, whether by communication, niche, service or other elements.Some examples that I love are, for example, the Explorra.com service that allows us to choose a tourist destination, according to the color we like the most.
7 – If you’re going to do it, then you have to do it right
how to promote a tourist destination 7
Nice work , courtesy of ShutterStock

We live in a world in which many times they sell us things that in theory seem excellent and that when we receive them we realize that they are not really what we expected.
Like when we go to a hamburger shop and in the photo there is a delicious, puffy and shiny hamburger that is actually far from the attempted food that they usually give us in the end.
In short, people want good experiences when it comes to tourism and from tourism marketing, you have to give them the best of the best, in an excellent way and in optimal qualities.
A clear example of this is the case of Westin Hotels & Resorts, which after learning that the speaker Katie Lance, a specialist in social networks would be staying with them, decided to wait for her with a very interesting surprise. A cookies with a QR code and the Facebook and Twitter logos. After scanning the QR code Katie was able to see a personalized welcome message for her.Marketing-Turistico-en-Bolivia-Mclanfranconi-10
What happened was that Katie shared this photograph on her social networks and a whole communication snowball was unleashed. Within minutes, more than 30,000 people knew of this Westin Hotels & Resorts action.
Who does not want to generate something like that? Well with a little tourist marketing, you can.# 8 – Use the power of social media and social media
promote a tourist destination 8Well, here there is not much left to say, throughout the blog I have talked a lot about the topic of social networks and the importance they present for brands.In tourism marketing, it is very important to have as part of our strategy, everything digital that we can take advantage of and use.Some articles that I recommend reading are:RECOMMENDED READINGS:The 32 steps of a good social media strategyEverything you wanted to know about social networks and were afraid of questions
From A to Z: Tips on Social Media
10 myths about social networks that could ruin your brand.
# 9 – Be aware of new trends in tourism marketing
promote a tourist destination 9Coming almost to the end of the article, my next advice on tourism marketing is to be aware of new trends, both in the sector and in consumer habits.For example, some new forms or trends of tourism are:

Low Cost Camping : Ideal for those people who usually travel with their camping equipment or even through mobilities optimized for this purpose.
Voluntary Tourism: Make trips to help certain regions, areas or people based on volunteer service.
Staycation: Local tourism, touring the city itself and rather re-discovering it.
WWOOFING : This concept means “World Wide Opportunities On Organic Farms” and consists of financing the stay in a specific country based on volunteer work for 4 or 5 hours a day, for accommodation and food.
Experiential Trips: For example, trips in which you travel all the cities or areas in which a movie was filmed. They are trips that provide a totally different tourism experience.
Ethical Life Travels: Enjoy peaceful vacations in rooms that seem to be taken from the 50s or 60s that are austere, surrounded by nature, far from technology and where tranquility reigns.
Adrenaline trip : Trip in which adrenaline is part of the whole process, for example trips to the interior of the Favelas of Brazil
Pet Friendly Vacations: Ideal for those people who cannot (or do not want) to leave their pet. They are vacations that include activities and benefits for pets, beyond that for people.
Sports tourism: Traveling for the simple fact of taking advantage of a sporting event (A World Cup, a marathon) or simply to participate in one.
Black Tourism: Ideal for people who like to live on the edge, challenge their own body and measure their stamina. Experience such as simulated kidnappings, agreed torture or stays in prisons (There is everything in this life)

In short, the world of tourism marketing offers hundreds of possibilities to exploit our brand, innovate or give a twist to the way a company is run.
You have to take advantage of everything you can.# 10 – Why look for a NEW client if you have 10 OLD ones?promote a tourist destination 10
New customer , courtesy of ShutterStock
Finally, the most important thing in tourism marketing (and in any activity that is related to clients) is to learn the importance of idealizing them.There is no use looking for clients all the time, until our resources are exhausted, when we have clients insured in the company, who have already sold them something or who are loyal to our brand.
In short, to promote a tourist destination or do tourism marketing, the most important thing is to understand the importance of innovating, analyzing the market, providing experiences and taking care of customers.I hope you liked this article and as promised is a debt, below you can see the presentation I made a few years ago at the International Tourism Forum uploaded to my Slideshare account , where you can also download itGift presentationHow to promote a destination or tourist package from Mariano Cabrera LanfranconiTourism and Digital Marketing
Can you take advantage of digital marketing and tourism to really promote this area?
I am a true believer that it is possible.
What’s more, I would even say that it is an explosive combination. If you don’t believe me, look at this image of the Merca20 research center with the top 10 of the industries that best take advantage of digital marketing.Tourism is part of the 35.5% of the segment that most demands digital marketing services.
digital marketing and tourism merca20
Source: www.merca20.com
Digital marketing and tourism can really become a powerful mix if used the right way.
It is for this reason that today I want to talk about some ideas on this subject and incidentally give you some tips to take advantage of both parts.
Shall we start?# 1 – Become a specialist in Digital Marketing and Tourism
Do you want to have a job all your life?

Do you want your agency or company to always have clients?Then you should specialize in digital marketing for the tourism sector and become an expert.
Surfing the internet the other day I came across a Tourism Master in Madrid who really amazed me with its contents. Contents that really serve to become an expert in this world.
Anyone who decides to offer services or promote their tourism business should really have a solid knowledge base of the digital world.More in this era where more and more businesses are going digital.
# 2 – Learn to promote a tourist destination
As you can see, the beauty of tourism is that there are many ways to promote a tourist destination. If added to this, you master the art of digital marketing, you could really have a gold mine on your hands.
If you manage a tourism company or agency, then it is vital that you master digital marketing and tourism to take advantage of a sector that will not stop growing. 3 – Think Mobile
The world is filling with mobile applications. Smartphones are part of people’s lives minute by minute.
Do you want to know another explosive combination?
If you are in the tourism business, surely you have heard of many applications that already satisfy the needs of clients in this segment.
A clear example is the Airbnb App that allows people to find accommodation (or offer it) and thus improve the tourist experience.
digital marketing and tourism airbnb
Source: www.airbnb.com

And I could go on talking about many other tourism apps, but in the long run you should ask yourself if you are taking advantage of this trend or your agency / company is out of it.For example, if you have a tourism company. Why not make an app for travel reservations, purchase of tourist packages or destination information?
Think about it. 4 – don’t depend on a single digital channel
I’m telling you as a friend and as a digital marketing professional.
Several times I have spoken about this topic, but it seems that for some strange reason there is an obsession with being on Facebook and like a coach horse not looking in another direction, more than that.
The secret of digital marketing and tourism is knowing how to take advantage of the tools available to achieve the objectives.
Think of a digital strategist, like a carpenter. Do you really think that by knowing how to use only a hammer and nothing else, you will be able to achieve what you want?
I doubt it.5 – Master everything about the marketing area
I am sure that you studied a career or Master in tourism , that you did some other course or perhaps that you participated in an event related to the field.
That’s all?Well I’m sorry to tell you no.
Tourism is a wonderful field, which never stops growing and innovating. That he always has something new to amaze the world.But you should ask yourself the following 3 questions, if you really want to take advantage of digital marketing and tourism:
Am I learning something new that allows me to innovate in tourism?
Do I know about the new trends in tourism?
Am I using the most efficient techniques to achieve my goals?
If your answer is NO to all 3 questions, then I must alert you that you are falling behind in this raceJust to give you an idea, check out the following presentation of tourism trends 2014-2030.

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