How to send push notifications from Firebase

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How to send push notifications from Firebase

Today we are going to see how to send free push notifications for APPs from Firebase , a true wonder for growth-focused marketers. YES, I said free!👏Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) notifications are very easy to configure and schedule, which is why they are a great solution for small, medium and not so medium mobile application projects …Who can avoid looking at the mobile when a notification arrives? From a digital cell phone numbers list point of view, push notifications have incredible potential , require little creation time (vs. email marketing) and generate very good results.Push notifications are a form of direct and instant communication with the user of an app. If you want more information about what they are, what formats exist and what their potential is at the marketing level, I leave you the article push notifications for apps .📡How to send free push notifications from FirebaseStep 0: Install the SDKTo send notifications from Firebase you only need to install the Firebase SDK in your project (more information for Android and iOS developers ). Once configured, you will have access to the entire suite of Firebase tools. Ask the developers!Step 1: Access Firebase and Cloud MessagingYou need to access the Firebase Console and select the “Cloud Messaging” option . If everything is properly configured you should be able to “create a new notification”.
Step 2: Add title and descriptionCreate the title and description of the message you are going to send. Remember that the characters are limited and that it will depend on the size of the screen of each mobile that is cut or not.NOTE: Test by sending the message to a .DEV environment or to a specific device ID (ask the developers for the number). Add emojis to improve your open rate (%)🚀
Step 3: Choose your targetingVery important! You must configure the correct segmentation for the type of message you are going to schedule. In addition, it is time to choose the devices (Android and iOS) to which the message will be directed.The advanced segmentation will allow us to reach very specific audiences and can customize the message and enhancing the results. Later, in point 3, I talk about advanced segmentation.


Step 4: Schedule
You have to select the time of delivery , it can be at the moment, at a specific time and even repeat the same message periodically. For recurring shipments I advise  gulf email list using better tools (paid), but that gives for another articleStep 5: Select conversion actions
For lovers of analytics this section is key. You can (must) select the conversion event that the message is targeting .If, for example, it is a message to encourage purchases through the app, you must select the “purchase” event. If your goal is as simple as for the user to remember and open the app, you can select “session_start”.Step 6: Sending priority and notification expiration
Select the sending priority (I always use “high”) and the expiration of the message. If you are talking about a promotion, it is advisable to select the days that the promotion lasts to avoid legal problems and conflicts with the brand.Well, it would be. You can start testing now. What comes to your mind?🤔
🧲Advanced segmentation in notificationsIn the advanced segmentation of push notifications is where we find the marketing potential, since it allows us to reach specific users with highly personalized messages .
The marketing and product team must decide which actions are the most important to measure, adding personalized events and which will be the most interesting user properties of our target.
Once we have this decided and implemented, we have to create the audiences. The hearings custom are a set or sequence of events, user properties, predictions Firebase, user activity, etc., we can find the user profile we want to hit.

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