How to structure your team for Inbound Marketing

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How to structure your team for Inbound Marketing

The Inbound us mobile phone number database is a methodology based on real and measurable results; To deliver success, you need to structure a team aligned and committed to your client. Otherwise, bottlenecks in production can appear and delay the fulfillment of the deadlines and the stipulated goals.In addition to that, with an unstructured team, other problems may arise, among them the difficulty in measuring the service capacity of new clients and the attrition of other collaborators, which end up overloading the defined scope of work and which can result in the increase of your agency’s staff turnover. How to go about designing that organization chart for your team?Understand the activities and what are the profiles to develop them.
First of all, it is necessary to think about the Inbound Marketing services you offer and what are the activities involved in each stage of the project.Attendance
The first big stage is strategic planning. You need a professional who is responsible for the definition of people, the purchasing process, who defines objectives and goals, who makes the monitoring schedule for the tasks.

That person will go on to act as a Project Manager and coordinate all activities with the others involved in delivering success to the client. Initially, when the Inbound structure is just being developed, that professional may be the person in charge of Attention or the person in charge of the traffic of their agency. That person must have a leadership profile , have empathy, and good relationships and be quite used to working with deadlines and goals.The fuel of Inbound Marketing is content; Normally, the content producer has a series of activities to be fulfilled, such as the definition of the editorial line based on the people created, the development of blog posts and rich content such as eBooks, videos and writing of the Email texts. Marketing for nutrition.That, not to mention the publications on social networks, which must also follow the editorial line defined at the beginning of the project and which will change over time. For this function, it is necessary to have a professional who is easy to write texts , who can capture the information needs of the defined people and who creates content adapted to various formats and channels. That professional can be a journalist or social communicator , or the most common in full service agencies , a copywriter.You need someone who is able to work with metrics to develop SEO strategies, follow social networks, invest in ads, calculate ROI for channels and produce reports with analysis of campaign performance. For these activities, you need a professional who has an affinity with numbers, who has a more analytical profile and who is apt to make the purchase of paid ads, understanding which channels have greater adherence with the person you want to reach. That professional can be a social media analyst



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However. all strategy and gulf email list content need to be tied to the user experience. The content has to be “put together”, attractive and pleasing in the eyes of the people. It is necessary to develop a visual language for each communication channel, such as images for social media posts that generate engagement, Landing Pages templates for higher conversion, creation of email marketing, the entire interface of the site based on the best user experience , in addition to eBooks, vignettes and video editing. To develop all these activities, a person with a creative profile, that is versatile to work with several channels, that they master image editing software and that they have knowledge and development of web pages is paramount. Usually the person with that profile is a Web Designer or a Graphic Designer.Be on the lookout for new opportunities
In addition to the professionals who will be responsible for delivering to clients who are already doing Inbound Marketing in your agency, it is necessary to have a person to bring in new accounts and increase recurring billing, and consequently, increase the structure of your team. This professional will be responsible for identifying which prospects have more affinity with Inbound Marketing, will collect all the information for a better diagnosis, will hold prospecting meetings and proposals, and will close new clients .It is important that that person is dedicated to that role, so that you can bring prospecting success. The professional must have a fairly commercial profile , well related to the market and who is truly interested in listening and investigating the needs of prospects, in order to build a much more successful proposal and increase, and much, the closing of new businesses. That professional is often one of the agency’s partners or a commercial manager , for exampleLong before hiring new professionals, it is recommended that you look inside your company and talk to the people who already work with you. Many are waiting for new opportunities to change areas or acquire new knowledge, and inbound offers those opportunities for professional growth. Therefore, evaluate together with your team who has the best profiles or the greatest affinity to develop activities related to inbound. Many times it will not be necessary to make new hires and you will be able to count on third parties to perform some specific activities that will not be initially absorbed.Having a team aligned, aware of its objectives, motivated through new learning and committed to the client is essential to deliver success through Inbound Marketing. Shall we make your team an A-TEAM?

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