How to successfully face the marketing strategy at Christmas

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How to successfully face the marketing strategy at Christmas

Having passed the milestone of Amazon Prime Day and still feeling the effervescence of Black Friday 2020 near , the preparation and launch of buy uk mobile number campaigns at Christmas do not give a respite to brands . We are facing one of the most active commercial periods for the retail sector in an atypical year in which digital advertising, e-commerce and online leisure are being the absolute protagonists.
keys to keep in mind in your Christmas marketing strategy
We collect some key tips to approach the marketing strategy in Christmas 2020:
. Launch direct messages and communicate critical information
The creatives must contain clear CTAs , but they also have to inform the potential customer including aspects such as when the promotions end, until when the shipments are free or the telephone number to contact the store that operates as a collection point. In fact, in September, Google already strengthened its tools to adapt to the most common types of queries at Christmas and, in October, it universalized the possibility of appearing for free on Google Shopping , which is widely used for product searches .
Although this year has been marked by anticipation, the package delivery data estimated by UNO , the Spanish logistics employers’ association, suggest that the uncertainty has generated a tie situation and 50% of deliveries will take place after Black Friday . On the other hand, the Holiday 2020 Insights report from Microsoft Advertising has marked in the calendar the especially relevant days in which peaks of online searches are expected for which we must be prepared:

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Source: Holiday 2020 Insights from Microsoft Advertising
Source: Holiday 2020 Insights from Microsoft Advertising
2. Catch last minute purchases by linking physical and digital channels gulf email list  With so much packages on the move, the risk of delays skyrockets as orders pile up during the key days of the holiday season. Since e-commerce experienced a time of hectic activity in spring, retailers have not stopped promoting the Click & Collect option as a claim to alleviate the logistical burden of home deliveries and to achieve a more direct shopping experience with the end customer. Promoting this possibility makes more sense than ever in today’s Christmas marketing strategy. Therefore, the power of digital marketing at the local level stands out as a crucial factor for last-minute purchases of the Christmas campaign. The 2020 consumer plans and consults before ordering online or deciding to visit the physical store, so it is convenient to cultivate local SEO and combine it with click-to-brick campaigns that highlight the role of stores as part of the Click & Collect formula .Promoting the Click & Collect formula should be part of the Christmas marketing strategy Take advantage of the lessons learned during Black Friday
The expansion of the coronavirus and what it implies has inaugurated an era in which uncertainty is omnipresent in the retail sector . Therefore, the data management strategy adjusted to the new normal becomes an essential tool to organize marketing campaigns at Christmas. The analysis of data from the Black Friday will help distribute budgets across platforms and direct advertising ultrasegmentada the most interesting audience for the brand.

In this sense, advanced attribution models that are based on machine learning make it possible to delineate with great precision the buyer’s journey that online users follow. In this way, the brand has global visibility on what is working and what is not in real time. In addition, it is possible to increase the spectrum of vision and incorporate omnichannel analytics models with which to examine how the relationship between the interactions between brand and users in the online and offline environments affects conversions. Enrich the online experience of each user to the maximum
Since the starting point of Christmas shopping is mostly in the brand’s digital ecosystem, e-commerce has to be robust enough to support large volumes of traffic for the user experience to be satisfactory. To do this, it is necessary to monitor metrics such as site speed and loading time, as well as the bounce rate or global conversion on both mobile and desktop . The new Google Core Web Vitals indicators can serve as a guide for detecting sticking points .On the other hand, it is convenient to reflect on the intention that is conditioning the behavior of online users and try to personalize their experience in e-commerce . Some useful tactics to include in your Christmas marketing strategy are the development of shopping guides designed to choose gifts, the inclusion of chatbots and the automated selection of the order in which the products are displayed or the recommendations for upselling and cross-selling .Source: Your Guide to the Gifting Revolution by
Privacy and security, essential also at ChristmasThe Christmas marketing strategy this year is marked by security at all levels . In 2020, user concerns about the processing of their data and the cybersecurity available to e-commerce has grown in parallel with the boom in online shopping. According to the Holiday Shopping ID Theft survey by Generali Global Assistance , it is an issue that worries two out of three online consumers . Therefore, in addition to taking the pertinent measures, security is a transversal message that must be reinforced from the loudspeaker of digital advertising.

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