How to turn an idea into a business? (Step by step GUIDE)

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How to turn an idea into a business? (Step by step GUIDE)

Do you have a good idea? Do you want to turn an idea into a business? Excellent, because in today’s article I want to teach you how to turn an idea into a Cyprus Phone Number List .Or as I say, turn an idea into a business.
There are many ways to earn money in this life, one of them is investing and another is creating business.
So that’s what I’ll talk to you about today, about turning an idea into a business.
Table of contents [ Show ]The first thing you should know is that turning an idea into a business is a whole process. This means that different stages are involved in the process.
Stages that I will show you next.The first step to turn an idea into a business is to shape it.
You cannot build a business without knowing what you are going to do.

Usually when we come up with an idea, it is because we find some problem or unmet need.
The best thing at this point is to start analyzing why that idea does not really exist. Maybe nobody came up with it? Could it be because it generates many failures? Perhaps it requires very great resources or efforts?
TIP: Create an ideotheque
I always carry a notebook and pen with me to nurture what I call my IDEOTECA. Think about it, if you like to keep books, you keep them in your library. If you have multiple videos, you save them inside your video library. So if you have ideas. Where are you going to keep them? Don’t you think it’s important to file them? Then create your IDEOTECA and save EVERYTHING you can think of, no matter how crazy it may seem.



# 2 – The feasibility and feasibility of the idea
The next step to turn an idea into a business is to pass it through a series of filters.
The first filter is to  gulf email list analyze if the idea is FEASIBLE.
What does feasible mean?
Feasible, it means that the idea can be done or that it can be done. That in a way turning an idea into a business is not crazy, but it is possible.
The next step is to analyze if the idea is VIABLE
What does viable mean?
Viable, it means that the idea can be carried out. This refers mainly to the process or the path.
In summary, to turn an idea into a business, it is key that it is feasible and viable.# 3 – Availability and Utility
The next step to turn an idea into a business is to see the degree of availability and usefulness of it.
What does availability mean?
Availability means that the idea, apart from being carried out, can be used in a short, medium or long term. This is related to viability.
That can be done, it can be done.
But in what time will that idea become a business?
After this, you have to ask yourself about the usefulness of the idea and this has to do mainly with the target market or audience.What does utility mean?
Utility means that it really is something that people need. That your idea is really going to cover a need (Or it can create it) but that it assures you in a way that people will want whatever you are creating.

# 4 – Materializing the idea turn an idea into business 2Idea , courtesy of ShutterStockRight now the idea is in the world of ideas.So you need to start working on it to gradually materialize it and thus turn an idea into a business.
It is key at this stage that you start putting certain limits, controls and analysis on that idea (or dream if you want to call it that).
What I’m talking about?I speak that it is time to turn an idea into a business by defining goals, objectives, the mission, the vision and other elements.
Next we will see each of these elements.
The first step in actually turning an idea into a business is setting goals for it.
I am a true believer that the best way to set goals is by using the SMART methodology.how to make a social media plan goals Source: TribeScale.com This means that the objectives must be:
I recommend then, establish SMART objectives within your idea, in order to then be able to approach a better strategy.# 6 – Write your business mission statement
Your idea is being developed for a reason and that is why you have to translate that reason through the mission. That mission is what will tell people what your business does.How to write the mission of a company?The best way to write your business mission statement is to answer the following questions:

It is key that when writing your business mission, you clearly identify that purpose or reason for your business.
Finally, when it comes to turning an idea into a business, the mission has a key function.
It keeps you steady to the horizon without straying from the path
The mission of your business helps you not only to show others your purpose, but also to remind yourself of it and not deviate from that path. 7 – Create your business vision
The next step to turn an idea into a business is to establish the vision, the horizon to which you hope to reach.What is the vision of a company?
Vision is a statement or manifesto that indicates the horizon or where a business is headed. It’s like looking to the future and seeing how far you hope to go.
To have a vision is to see beyond what you can.
By having a vision you can free your imagination and take your idea even further.
The difference between the mission and vision of a company is that the first tells what you are, and the second where you want to go.8 – Put together a business plan
turn an idea into business 3
Business plan , courtesy of ShutterStock
The next step in turning an idea into a business is to start putting everything into a plan.
And this plan usually has a name that you surely heard once.
Why is the Business Plan important, Mariano?

The Business Plan helps you clearly define what they want to do, how you are going to achieve it and what resources you need for them.It is a document that encompasses the company from A to Z.
Moreover, today the business plan is not only to translate your business, but it is a document that can help you get investors to convert your idea into a business.Who has to put together the business plan?
At this point I would like to give you some personal advice.It is not convenient for people outside the idea or business to put together the business plan.It is true, there are companies that can guide you or do all the work for you, but it is key that the people who developed the idea get involved as much as possible.Then I will leave you some links so that you can advance in creating your business plan, I hope they are useful to you.

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