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From childhood, stories have been part of our life. We have all remembered that special moment, when someone told us a story at night. An intimate moment where we gave free rein to our imagination and dreamed of the wildest adventures. It is clear that the stories moved us , we learned values ​​and allowed us to stick our heads into a wonderful world. Today, stories are used to differentiate themselves in the hotel world. Stories for commercial purposes, capable of harnessing the power of writing by attracting guests in a non-intrusive way. Do you know what inbound marketing is? . In german mobile phone number example the use of stories is used under a very old marketing technique: Storytelling.

Storytelling is the art of telling a story to connect with your customers . The fundamental idea is to add value to the brand. The mouth-ear effect or WOM (word of mouth) is its reason for being. Improving the perception of brand reputation and customer loyalty. Storytelling and social networks are means to increase dissemination and generate a perception of quality about the company. Its effectiveness should not be underestimated.Stories work precisely because they connect emotionally . Each of us creates our own story through imagination, generating confidence in the reader and loyalty to the brand.STORYTELLING FEATURESOur clients’ experiences are the perfect occasion to take advantage of other people’s interest in traveling. No need to use advertising “blatantly” when showing our hotels. And now you will say, How? Well, as follows- The story you want to tell must be authentic and interesting . If it catches your attention and generates interest, you are on the right track. The intention is to connect with your clients emotionally.

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– The target audience. It is convenient to think about who we are addressing . The narrower the gulf email list  search, the better. The quality material that you create will be more direct and impactful The message behind the story has a direct correlation with the objective we want to give it . Stories have the power to make us act one way or another. If the end of the story is to convince your audience to use your services, you will focus the main argument around your objective. Now comes the important thing, how do we create our history? ?

KEY ELEMENTS TO CREATE A STORYIn every story, we will always find the same elements:
If we want the reader to identify with the characters, it is advisable to use real characters in order to achieve more connection with the public . The text is important but you can accompany it with images or videos in the storiesPLOT
Focused on the traveler’s experience during their stay at the hotel . It is in this situation where the hotel’s characteristics can be highlightedSTAGE
The hotel itself and the area around the building is the setting we seek in our commercial history.
In summary, we can take as an example a family that decides to travel for vacations and stay at the hotel. During the stay, the family will explain the experience in great detail, including the treatment offered, the rooms, the service, etc … You already have material, it’s that easy! ?EXAMPLES OF STORYTELLING
In the hotel sector, there are already many hotels that are beginning to differentiate themselves with this technique. We can find examples of how they hook the public in many ways:
The Room Mate hotel chain, with hotels in different destinations around the world. They have managed to take advantage of each hotel. The Room Mate Óscar Hotel in Madrid is one of the many room mate hotels that have decided to “humanize” their hotels.
As we said before, hotels have been adapting to new innovative marketing strategies. Slory Hotel is no exception. The hotel allows its clients to create stories through the notes that the hotel itself shares.To finish this article, we show you an alternative example, the Peru brand at the tourist destination level, considered one of the best when using Storytelling. Enjoy it! ?

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