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It’s official! Christmas has begun! … or so we have been led to believe from the department stores and with the starting gun of the Christmas Lottery announcement. However, there is some truth in that Christmas has already arrived, at least for the communication and marketing departments and agencies that have been working for weeks so that their Christmas campaigns see the light of success.Exactly the same thing happens in online hk mobile service provider and, more specifically, in social networks . It is necessary to establish a series of strategies and guidelines to follow so that the Christmas campaign has its fruits, regardless of the sector of each company. But today we are going to focus on something much more fun: Christmas greetings to customers! Yes, the dreaded Christmas greetings that must be done every year and that many companies fear more than a tax inspection. Really, there is nothing to fear with Christmas greetings.For clients, on the contrary, it is the ideal moment to show the most human and fun side of each organization. Luckily, Social Networks can be of great help when it comes to making original Christmas greetings and that can be spread quickly without the need for large investments.Before deciding on which Social Networks you want to congratulate your clients on Christmas , aspects such as the following should be taken into account:

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• Originality: the most important thing is to try to be a little original in your Christmas greeting. A simple “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” is already very  gulf email list exploited (although we recognize that it can be effective and more in times of heavy work …). Surely you have been working with your clients for many years and, therefore, you know them so well that it would be advisable to be able to personalize the message for them.Humanize the message: it is the workers who make up the companies and customers love to know who is behind the phone or the emails they receive daily.
Here are some ideas on how to use your company’s Social Networks to congratulate customers on Christmas:The all-powerful Facebook offers a wide range of possibilities to congratulate customers on Christmas . The easiest thing you can do is post a Christmas photo on your Facebook fan page. If you want to do something more original you can also make a montage using Photoshop (say an image editing tool) or even upload a photo with the whole team wearing Santa hats, for example. The most advanced thing is to publish a congratulation on the wall or biography of the client, which will be public for both your contacts and theirs. And another idea would be to send the client a private message, more personal and discreet, which could also include the image that I mentioned above.

An example of a simple header to congratulate customers on Christmas is the one we have prepared inTwitter also offers you the option of communicating with all your clients privately or publicly. If you really do not intend to personalize your Christmas greetings , a good idea would be to do it in a somewhat more massive way with a tweet on your company wall that all your contacts can read. Keep in mind that Twitter only lets you write 140 characters, so the Christmas message must be short but direct (and that does not mean that it cannot be original anyway). A very original way to congratulate Christmas would be by creating a #hashtagown and thus center all your congratulations and be able to monitor them for possible responses. Finally and as with Facebook, it would not be a bad idea to personalize the Twitter company profile with a Christmas reasonWithout a doubt, it is the fashionable tool to congratulate Christmas both in individuals and in companies. The reason is that videos give a lot of play and can be really fun, emotional and, above all, surprising. We must not forget that a video of these characteristics can be highly “viralizable”, with the possible positive repercussion for the company that created it (free advertising, no more, no less). Emotion or humor can be factors that get a Christmas greeting to be shared and disseminated through email or through social networks and YouTube itself , just by having your video channelHere we leave you one of the best Christmas greeting videos created by an advertising agency in Barcelona. It really is very original and creative.Without further ado, tell you that at Mediaclick we can help you create your Christmas greetings for your clients, either through social networks or also through Newsletters, landing pages, etc … Do not hesitate and congratulate your Christmas customers in the most original way!

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