How to validate a post topic: 5 questions to ask before writing

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How to validate a post topic: 5 questions to ask before writing

What do you do to find out if the content you are producing is really relevant to your audience?Many people don’t know, but to create content that really brings results, you need more than quality; Knowing who you are writing for is required in order to create personalized, targeted material for your audience.
Thus, before publishing a post on a certain topic, you have to validate the topic you are going to talk about inyour content strategy.
Of course, many people united arab emirates phone call  simply skip that stage, believing that there is no need to do that kind of validation. There is a great danger there, because if the validation is not done, you can waste a lot of time on content that simply does not serve your audience, which will generate a lot of lost work, without results.
Also, creating misaligned content can bring in people who have nothing to do with what your business has to offer.Thus, in addition to the time, effort and investment that have been wasted, this can complicate your business in the future, since you can start to attract the wrong target audience for your company, compromising the results in sales and retention.But many of those problems can be avoided if your content is validated. So, take a look at some questions you can ask yourself to help with validation.
a in which the company operatesNumber of employees
Company website *. Who is my audience?
The first thing you have to do to validate the topics of your publications – the truth, the first thing you have to do before putting any digital marketing strategy into practice – is to discover who your target audience is .
And how to do it?

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One of the most efficient ways is to conduct quantitative and qualitative market research to map the characteristics, tastes and problems of your audience. gulf email list If you already have a business in development, you can do this research with your own clients, to identify what are the preferences of your ideal client (that is, the one whose acquisition presents advantages over others, such as greater ticket, shorter negotiation time, increased interest in your product and your brand, etc.).If you don’t have a business yet, you can do this research with potential clients (prospects), people who are related to the market in some way, or launch general surveys, such as on social media .
Working with a target audience it is already possible to direct some marketing actions, but to have an even more accurate content, make investments in the creation of buyer personas , that is, a fictional representation of your ideal client.
After collecting the results, start selecting the characteristics of your ideal clients and creating one or more buyer personas . It is important to note that creating a buyer persona is different from identifying your target audience. Observe:Target audience: Men and women, ages 24-30, single, architecture graduates, with average monthly income of $ 1000. They think about increasing their professional training and they like to travel.
Buyer Persona: Pedro is 26 years old, a recently graduated and self-employed architect. He plans to develop professionally by doing a master’s degree abroad because he loves to travel, he is single and he always wanted to do an exchange. You are looking for an agency to help you find universities in Europe that accept foreign students.
After creating your buyer persona (s), use them as the basis for writing your content.
To learn more about creating buyer personas:
Target audience, ideal client and buyer persona: what are the differences?
And use the Fantastic Buyer Personas Builder tool to start defining them.

2. What does my audience want?
The next step is to discover what your audience wants to see in your content. And there are several ways to do it.You can, for example, monitor the behavior of your followers on social networks, through their interactions or their comments on posts.
Another way is to carry out opinion polls, which can be both objective (give some alternatives and ask the reader to choose) and subjective (leave the question open for them to write what they want).
Email is also a way to get your visitors to interact with you to leave their opinions. You can ask them to do so both in the contact field of the site and you can disclose an email so that they can send suggestions or complaints.Comments on the blog are also important sources of information because, in addition to users leaving their perceptions, they can also interact with each other, contributing to the discussion.
Finally, also take advantage of the internal search fields of your site (where the visitor can put a term to search for the content they want) to validate your topics: what is highly searched probably has the potential to generate relevant content for your readers.
3. Is the topic of the post related to the problems and interests of my buyer personas?
When you created your buyer persona (s), you should have assigned them not only a series of characteristics, but you should also have made a list of some problems and preferences they have.
Now is the time to use that information to develop content. And you can take advantage of that information to produce different content according to the stage of the purchase process in which your buyer person is.

Let’s suppose that your company is a travel agency, whose buyer persona is Pedro (see previous example). Looking at the preferences attributed to him, we see that he is a person who likes to travel and wants to do a master’s degree abroad.Thus, you can create content about the best countries to do a master’s degree, which universities accept foreign students, how to obtain a student visa, what is the best master’s degree format to do abroad, etc.
It is essential that not only the topics, but also the language, are appropriate to your buyer person (s). This is also part of adapting your strategy to your buyer persona.
If you notice that the problems and interests of your buyer persona do not fit in with the issues addressed by you, probably one of the two has to be reviewed. Do that analysis and make the necessary changes
Create the processes of your buyer personas with our Buying Process Generator tool .
4. Am I prioritizing content quality over quantity?
When we start producing content for our buyer personas, it is normal to be enthusiastic and want to create as many materials as possible to improve our ranking in search engines, answer all the questions of visitors and Leads, become a reference, etcIn fact, creating a large amount of content is good, but you have to make sure that you are not putting quantity before quality. If so, rethink your topics and produce less, but with more quality.

ou will see that a higher quality content will generate more interaction and more responses from your audience, which will therefore bring more insights for the next content.
But what defines quality content?
That is not a question with a simple answer. It depends both on your market – and what you should use to talk about it – and on the techniques you use so that your content is well located in Google, going through the formats you use, etc.
But, basically, creating quality content is responding to the doubts and wishes of your audience, making material accessible and easy to understand
5. Have I used any tools to do a previous research on the subject?
In addition to all the above suggestions, it is very important that you use some tools before defining the issues addressed to understand which issues have the most potential to generate results for your blog and your business. Therefore, check out some of them and how to use them belowBuzzSumo
Analyze how many times a URL has been shared on various social networks or how many times it has received links from another domain.One of the suggestions is to analyze some of your competitors and see how they performed on issues that you are thinking of addressing.Quora
It is a question and answer site, but, unlike many other forums of that type, such as Yahoo! Answers, Quora is full of experts in the most diverse subjects and well-informed professionals (in addition, of course, of moderators), which makes the network work very well.
A good idea is to put a sketch of what you would like to write there and wait for people’s responses. Thus, you will know if the topic has potential or not and if it is suitable for your target audience.
We know that Instagram is a great network to generate interest in your business, but few use it to generate good content insights for their publications.
One of the ways to do this is to create a simple image, like a mini infographic, and publish it. If it generates a good level of interactions, it is a sign that it has the potential to become blog content.

Another way is to write a type of mini post and post it on Instagram with an image. Again, if you generate interest, that content may also do well on the blog.Google keyword planner
To validate your post topic with Google’s keyword planner, think of keywords related to the subject and search for them in the tool.
Watch out for the number of monthly searches that these words receive. If the demand is high, bet on the topic.ot always Google will allow you to know the exact number of total searches, but it will show you an average, which already helps in the validation of the matter.Reddit
Reddit is a social network of forums in which users can vote on content.
As it is made up of a fairly diversified community, you will find buyer personas from the most different niches, and you will be able to engage in discussions to see if your ideas for publications are worth it or notTwitter
As a microblog, Twitter is quite popular, but few people use that network to validate their post ideas.You can use it in two ways in that regard: you can ask your followers to vote on topics that interest them using Twitter polls (and use that data to get topic ideas) or you can find a Twitter Chat that is related to the topics of your blog, click on a hashtag and see what types of questions there are.
This will give an idea of ​​the content gaps that your blog post can fillBlog commentsLike we said, analyzing blog comments can be a great strategy for validating post topics. If you don’t allow comments yet, do so now. And don’t forget to engage with the public to generate even more insights.Title Tester is a tool that allows you to suggest different title options to analyze which one has the highest click-through rate. Use the tool to tackle different angles of a topic and see which one generates the most interestAlthough many companies skip the validation phase, it is the first step in creating content that generates results for your business. Therefore, it is essential and must enter into the content planning and production process, and must be done constantly.

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