[Huawei Mate 8] The 8 reasons why every businessman needs one.

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[Huawei Mate 8] The 8 reasons why every businessman needs one.

Thanks to the people of Huawei Bolivia, I was able to be part of this magnificent event not only as an attendee, but also as a panelist to tell the impact that technology had on my life.
I want to thank the Huawei Bolivia team for inviting me as a young entrepreneur to give my point of view on technology and obviously on how the Huawei Mate 8 has shaped my life.
I really must say that this smartphone has everything I needed.But let’s see some details of the event.
The launch was held in the Chiquitano room of Expocruz and was attended by several journalists, Kuwait Phone Number List men and special guests.
The event started with an excellent presentation video about the Huwei Mate 8.
After the video, Lee Zeng, Director of the Huawei Bolivia terminals department, commented on how the brand had grown worldwide and showed in numbers the impact that smartphones were having in several countries, including Bolivia.
The second panelist of the event was Jimena Alvarez , product manager of Huawei Bolivia who presented different functionalities of the Mate 8, such as:
The battery that lasts up to 2 and a half days of moderate use (or 1 and a half days of intensive use)
The possibility of taking a screenshot thanks to a knuckle stroke or even a horizontal capture by drawing an “s” with the knuckle on the screen.
And finally it was my turn.Mariano Cabrera Lanfranconi launch huawei mate 8



I really loved standing there in front of so many guests and being able to show a bit of how technology is a part of my life. What’s more, I was fortunate to have the Huawei Mate 8 a week before to be able to adapt it to my  gulf email list day-to-day life and I must say that it is a spectacular smartphone.
I promise that soon I will upload an unboxing of the Huawei Mate 8 to my YouTube channel !!!
inally it was the turn of Maria Rene Antelo , model and businesswoman from Bolivia, who also shared her experience with the Huawei Mate 8.After finishing the presentations, it was the turn to go to the cocktail party in a special space, designed so that the guests could be in contact with the Mate 8 (and other devices present).
It really was a spectacular launch and I will go into detail to talk about the Huawei Mate 8, which until now is the best smartphone that fell into my hands.
To learn more about the Mate 8, I invite you to visit the Huawei website and if you want to see more photos and videos of the event, then visit the Huawei Bolivia Facebook page .
Do you want to know a little more about the event? Check out this video:

I know that on the internet there are many “technical” reviews about Smartphones, but what I propose here is that you read the experience of someone who uses it every day in their work, professional and personal life.
Here are the 8 reasons that convinced me that this Smartphone is ideal for every businessman.
Many cell phones and smartphones have passed through my hands; To be honest, so far the best packaging for a mobile device that I came across is the Huawei Mate 8.
I was really amazed by the quality of the packaging, its materials, the subtle way everything was arranged, even the sealed envelope containing the basic functions manual.packaging ” had that quality, my goodness, what the device would be like.
It feels powerful in one’s hands. It is a Smartphone that is proud to put on the table and that others look at (or admire)
Trust me, you are going to enjoy taking it slowly out of the box and seeing all the details that go into it.2 – YOU WILL HAVE THE POWER OF YOUR KNUCKLES
I remember that with my old device I had to press the volume and start key to take a screenshot. A 80% of the time ended up blocking the screen or the volume up and down, to reach the point of despair.
In the Mate 8 it can be done like this, but it also has a peculiarity:
Speechlessvia GIPHA very simple functionality, but only Huawei came up with implementing it and that says a lot about the importance they give to the user experience.
Obviously there are other functions with the knuckles such as:

Take a hit, hold it tight and draw a silhouette to take that portion drawn on the screen.
Give two consecutive blows with two knuckles, to start recording the screen (Ideal for Youtubers)
The simple fact of entering the battery manager and seeing that you have more than 40 hours left is something impressive!
Mate 8 battery optimizer
This capture is really from my Mate 8, it is not taken from the internet
I have just used a Smartphone that at noon reached 68% battery if I forgot to charge it and now I feel the abysmal difference between one device and another.
More than once I went from having a meeting or teaching a course, forgetting the charger and breaking into a cold sweat knowing that I would soon be out of battery and disconnected from the world. (Yes, this is me, I live connected)
The Huawei Mate 8’s battery can last up to 1.65 days with intensive use and 2.36 days with normal or moderate use thanks to its 4,000mAh battery.
Another interesting detail is that it has a “fast charge” mode that, in just 30 minutes, charges us that will last us all day.
As you can see, for demanding people like me, the battery is not a problem.

And it’s no joke, for the first time in a long time, I stopped worrying about this detail.
In my life, exchanging cards is an activity that usually occurs several times a day. At home I have a drawer full of cards that I still haven’t had time to “transfer” to my Smartphone.
However, the Huawei Mate 8 brings a very interesting function related to this point.
When you enter the contacts section, there is an option for “Business Cards” and from there you can take a picture of a card so that the Mate 8 automatically analyzes the information and creates the contact.
Mate 8 card scan
I tested it with several cards and the degree of effectiveness is over 95%.
Perhaps in somewhat complex, creative and crazy cards it may cost you a bit. But the truth with most of them I did not have problems.
Now, to dust off my card drawer and start passing them to me Mate 8.
The Mate 8 has an 8MP front and a 16MP rear, so you can see that it is more than enough to have some very good photos.
However, it not only stands out for its camera quality but for its functions.
There are very interesting functions such as:

Painting with light (Ideal for getting creative)
Take selfies and beautify the face (Now I do feel pretty in my selfies)
Professional camera mode (With all its functions)
Live filters (No taking photos, applying filters and trying again)
Capture of documents (And even the possibility of straightening them if one could not take the photo from the front)Panoramic photoAbility to change focus after taking the picture.Many moreMate 8 professional cameraI must confess that until today I could not make the most of the camera because it really gives to play with it a lot.But to be honest, it totally exceeded my expectations and I know that if you are one of those who need a camera that apart from taking pictures, has functions that help you in your work, leisure or professional life, the Mate 8 will be of great help.
I come from a Smartphone that every two by three had to restart it because it crashed, frozen or simply to “free up memory” and be a little faster.
Tried various open applications, 3D games, watching HD videos. Incredible that so far I didn’t see a bit of lag or speed drops on the Mate 8.
I will not go into many details but the Huawei Mate 8 has 3 gigabytes of RAM in its version with 32 gigabytes of storage (It is the one I have) and 4 gigabytes of RAM in its version with 64 gigabytes of storage. Apart from this it has a Kirn 950 processor which really is a luxury in terms of performance.

I am one of those who are all the time in several applications simultaneously, so for me the speed of response is key.With the Huawei Mate 8 they called me on the phone while I was playing a 3D game and the answer was instantly. No hangs, freezes or problems.
It really is a beast !!! ( In a good way ) and now, I just have to close and open applications because the Mate 8 supports all the ones that I use daily (And there are several)
The Mate 8 has several details and functions that really help improve the user experience, productivity and obviously times. Needless to say if this applies in the business or work environment.
Some of my favorites are as follows:
Recognize and Reset documents:
It recognizes documents, but also allows you to readjust them.
For example this is ideal when you are in a conference and do not have a front screen. The Mate 8 straightens the image automatically.
Call with screen off:
If this option is activated, you can call with the screen off simply by pressing the volume down key.
Application Finder:Ideal for those of us who have many, many applications. Just by sliding your finger down from the middle of the screen, the search engine comes out.

Mate 8 app finderUse one hand:
With a very large screen (6 inches) it can sometimes be difficult to use it with one hand. But you can activate a function to slide your finger from left to right (from the button panel) and the screen shrinks so that there is a mini-screen of about 5 inches (compared to 6 on the Mate 8)
Memory and Battery Optimizer:
At any time (and through notifications) we can optimize memory and battery (Although the Mate 8 does it by itself).
Mate 8 memory optimizer
I never believed in the issue of fingerprint readers, especially because I was afraid of reading problems or slowness.
I totally changed my mind. On my Mate 8 the response time is instantly (0.5 seconds) and you can even configure multiple fingerprints in case you want to use other fingers (or give someone permission)
Ideal to protect the security of our equipment or use this function to take pictures or answer calls comfortably.
Huawei Mate 8 fingerprint
Anyway, I could spend hours writing about the Huawei Mate 8, but here are the 8 reasons why I recommend that every businessman should have this device. I hope this article has helped you to tell you about this spectacular device that I am sure you will not regret

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