IAB presents its Top Trends of the digital market for 2014

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IAB presents its Top Trends of the digital market for 2014

IAB Spain, an association that represents the advertising, marketing and digital communication sector in Spain, presents Top Trends 2014, a document prepared by the 16 IAB work committees that brings together the business keys in 2014, and that from each industry area, seeks to quickly and effectively provide a global vision of the digital market.IAB Spain has 16 different work commissions where associated companies participate. In these meetings, different projects and challenges are addressed weekly, which are translated into Latvia Phone Number List research, dissemination and education actions, advice to solve common problems and, ultimately, the revitalization of the business from all its aspects.The document sets out the keys to the digital business for 2014 according to the IAB Spain working committees:
Branding: Use of html5 for advertising formats and video as the king format. Videoshoping (where the product is shown and the user can click and buy directly) and the socialization of the content will be more relevant.Media Purchase : The key is in the RTB, that is, the purchase of display spaces in real time. Remarketing, advertising on e-commerce sites, connected televisions, cross-media retargeting and integrated campaigns will also be the bets for this year.Content : Increase in native advertising strategies, where its regulation will be sought. This will result in the emergence of specialized agencies, improvements in measurement and specialized content per device.
Creativity : Storytelling gains position against branded content. The consumer asks that brands master the art of storytelling. In addition, gamification, multiscreen creatives and crowdfounding will stand out.


Digital Signage : The integration of Digital Signage in digital budgets, the consensus of measurement, integration with mobile and social log-in, the increase  gulf email list  of creativity, formats and technological possibilities together with hyperlocal advertising.e-Commerce : The fashion sector together with discounts on tickets and tickets will be the engines of e-commerce sites. There will also be an increase in e-commerce within social networks. Explosion of the use of mobile coupons and loyalty, with more customizable offers.
Lobbying and Regulation : Privacy will continue to be a priority for consumers, legislators and any business that uses and processes personal data. On the other hand, to respond to the continuous evolution of the media, technology, goods and services and devices, the advertising industry will establish standards of conduct through a Self-Regulation Code.
Audience Measurement : This year we will bet on multiplatform measurement, the visibility of online advertising campaigns and big data. The start of the measurement on connected TV stands out.
Media : The trends are clear: customization, paywall, crossmedia, RTB and hybrid television (HBBTV). It will bet on syndication, that is, on the distribution of its content on third-party platforms with a large audience, such as YouTube or Twitter. Definitive takeoff of the commercialization of social television.
Social Media : This year will be the one of maturity of the sector and the one of the search of a measurement of the brandig and of performance. In addition, there will be an increase in consumption, investment and e-commerce through social networks. Thanks to big data, there will be hypersegmentation in social networks.Mobile : Increase in advertising and apps, explosion in the use of mobile and loyalty coupons, responsive pages (HTML5 and Parallax) and increase in off-on integration (QR codes, NFC or augmented reality). In addition, the mobile will take off as a “second screen” and the internet of things.
Performance : Rise of RTB models and growth of online sales thanks to discount codes and promotions. Greater acceptance of the POST VIEW model and greater adoption of the dynamic CPM purchasing model.

Radio Online : Consolidation of the interactive audio format as a new format and greater penetration thanks to 4G technology. This year will see an increase in investment
RTB : This year there will be a greater investment in RTB through video and mobile campaigns, greater purchase of premium inventory, greater investment in rich media formats and greater purchase predominance through dynamic CPM. Another trend is information through big data and data providers.
Connected TV : It is expected that this year market rules will be established, that there will be an increase in the supply of content, apps and services and on the other hand, that there will be an increase in broadcasters (TV channels). Progress should be made in the measurement of audiences to unify offline and online criteria. In addition, a decrease in the consumption of traditional TV will be observed
Online Video : The expected trends are the appearance of new platforms such as Google TV, Yomvi or Wuaki, and the growth of video on social networks and especially interactive video. You will see more pre-roll formats, as they are more accepted than post-roll and mid-roll. Pay video will increase, and as a consequence there will be a decrease in the consumption of traditional television.

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