Ideas to generate interesting content on your social networks

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Ideas to generate interesting content on your social networks

Writing about these topics will allow you to add new clients , retain old ones and recover lost ones:Share stories from your followers: surely more than once you have received a moving testimonial from a client, ask their permission to use it and turn it into a narrative that serves to connect with your audience! For example, if a man tells you what it meant for his family to buy his first computer in your mobile number database pdf make a simple and direct narrative with that, which appeals to people’s feelings.Be original !: As US President Donald Trump demonstrated, going against the current serves to become the axis of any discussion or debate, for that reason, do not be afraid to say what you think, especially if it contradicts the opinion that everyone has of the subject. For example, if you sell cell phones and you think that the Apple brand does not have good products, say so, clearly stating your point of view based on your personal and professional experience. Controversy will help you gain a lot of visibility but ALWAYS remember to be polite to those who disagree with you.

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Take advantage of the news: interesting things happen every day that you can use to generate very attractive material. For example, if you sell cars and the increase in tolls has just been the cover of all newspapers, take advantage of the issue to generate a new article on your blog.
Consult your customers: Don’t be afraid to ask your followers what topics they would like to know more about. If you work in a real estate company, they may be interested in knowing the new rental rules or how to break a contract without spending too much money.
Explain the trends in your work area: you can write about how your work sector evolves. If you are a decorator, anticipate that it will be used this year; If you are an architect, what styles are being imposed to build new homes, etc.Make comparisons: the public loves to know why one product is superior to another but remember to always do it in the SIMPLE AND DIRECT way possible, without falling into technicalities that bore and alienate the reader, using practical examples. For example, the TX computer model has a memory capacity greater than the ZI, which translates into faster data processing .
Bet on the visual: images and videos are the most viewed on social networks, so if you find interesting material do not hesitate to share it but always, ALWAYS, accompanied by a comment that shows that you are not just a collector of other people’s material but that you have an opinion of your own about him.
Show your humanitarian side: if your company does community work or works with charities, talk about it and share images that make your commitment clear.

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