If you are going to replicate a successful marketing campaign, do it right, otherwise your brand is at risk

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If you are going to replicate a successful marketing campaign, do it right, otherwise your brand is at risk

When a brand applies a strategy and is successful, it will lead other companies (although not in the same sector) to seek to replicate them, sometimes without being as successful, and until they are taken as copies or plagiarism. In recent days, several food and beverage businesses Portugal mobile number list have sought to apply promotions on the occasion of the LigaMX final that faces Chivas de Guadalajara and Tigres de UANL, in which “if his team wins,” he will invite lunch to fans. This resource was recently used by “La Hamburguería”, an establishment in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, with such success that it led them to go viral by the time they applied the promotion and how they enforced the immediacy and global reach of the internet. Portugal mobile number list

The establishment launched a promotion through its social networks, which stated that “if Barcelona go back and go to Rooms, all the accounts of those attending the event are free.” The digital marketing strategy had a good call, since two days before the game was held at the Camp Nou stadium, the 120 reservations in its two branches were already sold out. In this case we saw a planning with a risk assessment and with all the intention Brother Cell Phone List of transcending in the digital environment. But what about the recent cases? “If our Chivas win the championship this Sunday, the next day Monday at 8:30 AM we will start the celebration party with live music, we will give away 400 cakes, 400 tacos and soft drinks to all our clients who join us, bring their shirts, flags, and others here we wait for you. Do not miss ”(sic).

According to Jorge Esquivel “El Postero”, owner of the business, it would be the third time that the promotion was applied, with a good result, since in 2006 when Chivas won their last league championship, they were contacted by the owner of the team, Jorge Vergara, for the scope they had after the result. The establishment, founded in 1989, will apply the formula with a new ally, social networks, since through their Facebook account they published their promotion with a discreet response; However, after a radio interview conducted by the local station Radiometrópoli, it has managed to have a greater impact among the residents. In the video of the interview, also published on the Facebook account, in just over 24 hours it has obtained 78 responses, 109 shares, 21 comments and almost 5,000 reproductions.

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